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May Cause Miracles

Coffee With Kay Day 16. A great start to a great day! I began reading one of the books I picked up over the weekend: May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein. The book has come to my attention twice in the past week, so I figured that was a "clue"—and also a simple...

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Sugar Free Sausage Recipe

It's really difficult to find sausage that has no added sweeteners. The solution? Make your own! I purchased 2# of ground pork from the Parker Family Farm at the last Farmer's Market. It was so simple to make this recipe! Sugar Free Pork Sausage Recipe Makes 16 2 oz...

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My 2 Week Results: This is Working!

Coffee with Kay Day 15 & Two Week Check In: I'm beginning my third week on the 90 Day Challenge and I'm so happy to report I'm having good results—down 6 pounds, my rings are getting loose Considering my knee injury which prevented me from doing much exercise at...

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Field Trip to Yogaville

Coffee With Kay Day 13: I'm all set to go to Yogaville today. I have time to go to the farmer's market before I leave to pick up some items, then I'll be off by Noon. It's only a three hour drive, so I'll have plenty of time to get there before check in at 4:00. I'm a...

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My Day At Yogaville

Coffee With Kay Day 14 of my 90 Day Challenge—at Yogaville, where they serve no eggs & no meat. Last night was pretty easy, but breakfast this morning had few options but fruit. So there I had it, a huge bowl of fruit. The Mandala Cafe didn't open until 9:00 so...

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I Thought I Could Pull It Off Until

Coffee With Kay Day 12: I'm all set to go to Yogaville tomorrow. I spoke with reservations and decided on an one day over-night stay this time to get to know the place, and then I can decide which programs I might like to participate in for a longer stay. I knew upon...

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