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Easy Meals In a Snap

Coffee With Kay Day 11: No grains/no gluten, no soybeans, peanuts or any legumes, no dairy, no sugar or sweeteners, and no artificial additives. Does that sound difficult? Well, this is Day 11 on my 90 Day Challenge of doing without all of those foods, and as you see...

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Consistency is Key to Success

Coffee With Kay Day 9: Over my morning brew my thoughts turned to "Consistency". I have been reminded that it isn't all that hard to do this program, one-meal-at-a-time, in fact it is pretty easy. I am never feeling like I am "starving" and I'm always satisfied when I...

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90 Day Challenge: Day 7

  Coffee With Kay: What's on my mind this morning?  Well, in addition to getting my cup of coffee—I'm thinking about a little sign I have. It reminds me about how important the beginning of our day is and how one little thought can make a difference in my entire...

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90 Day Challenge: Day 6

Last night after breaking into my EFK (Emergency Food Kit) items for dinner, and finding more sneaky sugar in my pantry, I resolved to do a little bit better with meal prep and cooking creativity. Additionally, I think finding pure cane sugar in my 100% Natural,...

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