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Have you ever felt like there is something more to life? Have you wondered why some people experience extraordinary success, health, happiness & wealth while most people are just getting by, experiencing a mediocre life or even very unhappy with their current situation? I know I have felt that way before and I wondered why only a small percentage of people seem to be able to attain optimal health, wealth, success and happiness. I made it my mission to find out why some people seem to be so successful while most people fail to attain their goals. I started studying what the most successful people do, how they think and how they live their lives. I have been on this mission for decades and it has been a journey of personal and spiritual growth and development. I have had opportunities, experiences and met people along the way that I would never imagined would have been possible …


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How to Manage Your Emotions in a Difficult Situation

In Relationship, in challenging relationships, how you respond is a reflection of who you are and how well you know yourself. If you can stay constant—continue to be loving, kind & present no matter what the other person does—then that is who you are and you are a strong and grounded soul.
If you are constantly reactive & matching their behavior, emotions and energy—then that is another thing all together.
If you/I can clearly see when my brother is wounded and acting out with anger, deceit, disloyalty and lies … and remain constant … then I would say you have achieved mastery.

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Why I Created the 90 Day Challenge

Why I Created the 90 Day Nutrition Challenge Last year I hosted a 30 Day Fitness & Nutrition Challenge both on-line and in a Private Facebook Group. It was tremendously successful. I discovered that even on-line and virtual clients could achieve the same success...

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90 Day Clean Eating Challenge

Sign Up Today! See what can happen in 90 Days when you make yourself and your health a priority. Sign Up for the 90 Day Clean Eating Challenge! Lose weight, improve your energy levels & feel great. Get access to the Quick Start Guide, a Weekly Fitness &...

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90 Day Challenge Fast Start Guide

  Welcome to the 90 Day Clean Eating Challenge  Please be sure and read the 90 Day Clean Eating Challenge Guidelines Below. First Steps: Pick your start date. The challenge has been designed in a way that you can start on any date that works for you. If you have a...

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GMO’s Revealed

I knew GMO's were Bad—"Real food is always better than Fake Food" GMO crops and food products are anything BUT Natural or Safe! From the site GMO's Revealed: I'm Watching the 9 Part Documentary! Sign up at Each part is only available for 24 hours. I...

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