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Day 18: This was a day spent at the library so I could have better internet access for conference calls and other on-line work. I’m having some frustrations with my website and the current theme I’m running and it has prevented me from sharing my 90 Day Challenge resources quite yet. I had thought I would have it up by now—however, such is life, and I still plan to have it up in time to do a fall challenge. That means 90 Days to get in your best shape ever before the holidays … and then some follow up for strategies to use during the holidays!


Easy breakfast, my favorite sugar free sausage recipe combined with scrambled eggs on the side. Yep, I like mustard on my sausage, so that is what you see slathered on top. Still regretting not shopping for much fresh fruit this past weekend, I grabbed a pear from the refrigerator and that was my carbohydrate for this meal.

Where are the Macro Nutrients in this meal: Protein: Sausage Patty and Egg Whites; Fat: One whole egg yolk & sausage; Carbohydrate: Fresh Pear


Meal Idea:

Lunch was in a hurry between phone calls, and I grabbed one of those servings from my Yellow Squash Frittata, heated it in the microwave, and there was a complete lunch.

Where are the Macro Nutrients? Protein: Egg Whites, 4 in each serving; Fat: Egg Yolk (one per serving) and a little bit of ghee that was used to saute the vegetables; Carbohydrates: All those veggies! Yellow squash, onions and some diced potatoes (about 1/4 cup diced potatoes per serving, along with a gracious plenty squash & onion).


Meal Idea:

Technically, this meal wasn’t balanced and I didn’t have all the macro-nutrients at this meal. Clams are basically just protein, and I didn’t dip them in butter (which I could have to add fat). This is sort of a traditional meal around here, and a local brought me a dozen clams from the bushel he dug for over the weekend. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity for this delicious delicacy. So I steamed them on the grill on my back porch and had a bowl full, dipping each little clam in just a bit of Old Bay Seasoning, just like the locals showed me how to do!

Stay tuned … I hear the crab pots are out, and some of the crabs that are being hauled in are big beautiful ones. If I’m lucky, like I was last year, I just might get a few steamed crabs brought to me. After learning how to pick the meat from them, and learning what goes into clamming, crabbing & oystering, I have a new appreciation for those foods and the cost! It’s no wonder that REAL crab meat costs what it does. Getting the meat out of those little buggers is a challenge. (I think I need more practice. 😉 ) The meat is delicious!


Kay Rice, M.Ed. Wellness & Lifestyle Coach, Vedic Educator, Consultant, Author & Free Spirited Adventurer


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