Why I Created the 90 Day Nutrition Challenge

Last year I hosted a 30 Day Fitness & Nutrition Challenge both on-line and in a Private Facebook Group. It was tremendously successful. I discovered that even on-line and virtual clients could achieve the same success that my coaching clients have achieved in the past. At the end of 30 Days even though clients had achieved results and recognized this program wasn’t a diet but a lifestyle, they wanted more.

  • 30 Days was a GREAT jump start, but not long enough to achieve longer term goals that many clients had of wanting to lose more weight than would be healthy in a 30 Day program.
  • It’s fairly easy to eat a certain way for 30 Days, but the real goal is to achieve long-term, sustainable results with healthy life-style choices—this takes longer than 30 Days
  • Successful Clients with the program ASKED for more support
  • I made this a 90-Day Program because by the end of 90 Days, most clients will have encountered some challenges that could throw them off-track. A 90-Day program gives them the support they need to learn how to stay on track (or get back on track quickly) when one of these challenges occurs. Be it travel, a life event, stress or hitting a plateau—I can coach you through that.
  • I wanted to make this information and this program available to as many folks as want it, and give them an easy way to get the support and accountability they need, and access to a coach (me) who can help them identify the small changes that will make a difference in their success in the program. (Although the program basics work for everyone, it is not a one-size-fits-all deal.)
  • Last, but certainly not least—last year I committed to providing this program again. Life circumstances delayed me from putting the program up last year, but I did not forget my commitment. I’m still adding resources and will continue to do so—but what we need it up and running right now!

NOTE: I’m putting the resources up in a way that they will be “evergreen”, meaning you can choose your own start date and you’ll still have the resources available to you in your own time. This means you can STILL start out with a 30 Day Commitment to the the program if you wish, and when you are ready you can jump back in at any time.

So, please fill out the form below to sign up, get the information you’ll need. Don’t hesitate to ask questions by posting comments or even contact me through the Private Facebook Group.

So for now … I hope you’ll sign up and I look forward to having you join the group on the way to Optimal Health & Fitness.

Thank you,


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