In Relationship, in challenging relationships, how you respond is a reflection of who you are and how well you know yourself. If you can stay constant—continue to be loving, kind & present no matter what the other person does—then that is who you are and you are a strong and grounded soul.
If you are constantly reactive & matching their behavior, emotions and energy—then that is another thing all together.
If you/I can clearly see when my brother is wounded and acting out with anger, deceit, disloyalty and lies … and remain constant … then I would say you have achieved mastery. This is not victim-hood or abuse if you can clearly see the situation and remain steady, continuing to be available and exuding a kind, loving presence. It does not mean that you condone or need to even tolerate bad behavior—and you can or may get angry at the behavior and should not tolerate it. But if you can remain a kind & loving presence—willing to forgive the behavior and remain constant in who you are —then you are a master.
Let me be clear, I am not implying that you should tolerate abusive behavior or relationships. You should not. Definitely remove yourself from those behaviors, and actually you may be doing the other person a favor by letting them know their behavior is clearly beneath your expectations of their highest and best self, and you will not tolerate it. 
If you can do this with an awareness that their behavior is something within them, and it is very seldom about or caused by you—and you can stay out of reactive mode—which very commonly means you might begin acting like they do, or start returning the same sort of bad behavior to them—then you have achieved a level of Mastery over yourself.
If you can see your brother/friend beyond the behavior & and know that it is not the whole story. If you can continue to see the good as well and know it doesn’t define you at all.
If you can remain constant and not be defined by the good or bad opinions and judgments of others—but instead stand fast and know who you are—then you will find strength, power andclarity and it will shine forth in the world. 
Some will be attracted and inspired by this energy—these are souls who either recognize this energy in themselves or are growing into it or waking up to it.
Some will bristle and be repelled by it—finding it hard and feeling resentful, challenged and uncomfortable in such a presence. This is not uncommon, so be prepared.
If you step into a position of leadership, power and strength—prepare yourself and put on your armor. There are some who will certainly want to tear you down so they don’t feel so uncomfortable around you. This is due to their own insecurities—however as sensitive and caring beings, if we have not donned our armor and prepared ourselves for this, with wisdom and a clear understanding of the core of our essence—then these poor souls can and will erode our/your confidence and even steal your power from you—preventing you from shining your brightest light into the world to encourage and uplift those who are waking or awake to their power.
Think of the great leaders of the world—Jesus, Gandhi, Moses for instance. They were all humble, they had a powerful presence, yet in every case there were those less evolved who hated them, were threatened by them and tore them down.
They each were masters—they continued being exactly who they were in the face of criticism, manipulation, adversity and violence toward them. This is the characteristic of mastery in an evolved soul. 
In Gratitude, I AM … 

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