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Today was a busy day! I had two conference calls, one about setting up the on-line version of the 90 Day Challenge for others to get the resources and support when they join. I’ve been working on my shopping guides—both for traditional shopping and preparing your pantry, and another one specific to Trader Joe’s, where I purchase a lot of my staples and pantry items. I find great value there and lot’s of organic and local choices. I’m working on getting that available, a.s.a.p. If you are interested in getting that, be sure and fill out the form at the bottom of this post and I’ll notify you when everything is up and available, and I’ll send you those links.

Last week I decided my office situation just wasn’t working for me. I noticed that I was having some resistance to spending time in that space, so I began analyzing and asking myself “why?” The first thing that came to mind was the placement of my desk. It was facing a wall, which I never like, so I moved it—and then I moved it again—each time it seemed better, but not quite right. I ordered a new office chair from Amazon Prime, and I’m delighted with it—it’s perfect. Finally, I decided my office was in the wrong room for me. So for the past two days I’ve been shuffling things out of one room to make room for my office and exercise equipment—yep, half of my office has room for an exercise equipment and my yoga mat. It’s mostly finished now. Now to decide where to hang things on the wall. And I’ve decided to set the “old office” room up as a guest room with the beautiful antique bed & dresser that came from my ancestral home, Belmont. I really do believe the energy of a space is important. Where the furniture is and how a room is decorated really does make a difference in how I feel in a place. I want an office space that is open, organized, that I can see outside and inspires my creativity!

My 3 Minute Meals

I don’t think it took more than 3 minutes to prepare any of these meals! How do I do this? Having a “meal prep day” where I cook a lot of things “in bulk” for the coming week. It makes putting together a filling and nutritious meal in a snap, really easy!


I have a new favorite breakfast. The Spicy Italian Sausage links that I found at Trader Joe’s are so delicious and filling. I’ve been taking the pre-cooked meat out of the casing and crumbling it into the skillet and it warms up as I cook my egg. And I’ve been enjoying this cantaloupe I I purchased at the farmer’s market. It is one of the most delicious I’ve had all season, and it was the size of a watermelon, so I have plenty!

Where are the macro-nutrients in this meal? Protein: Sausage & Egg White; Fat: Sausage and Egg Yolk; Carbohydrate: Cantaloupe.


I love 3 minute meals! I had lots of phone calls today, so there was not a lot of meal prep or cooking time. Cajun Chicken left over from the day before was my lunch, and yes, that entire bowl was one serving! It is hearty and filling for sure! I roasted a chicken over the weekend, used the carcass to make bone broth, saved the leg quarters and made this recipe, and the remainder of the meat was diced and packed in four mason jars with mayonnaise for a variety of chicken salads.


Still working on the resources to make available for the 90 Day Challenge, I decided a picture is worth 1,000 words so after my last phone call, I made a quick meal of diced chicken, mayo, a handful of dried cranberries and some chopped tarragon, and then I headed to Trader Joe’s to take photos to create a shopping guide and downloadable pdf list.

Where are the macro-nutrients in this meal? Protein: Diced Chicken; Fat: Mayonnaise (Avocado Mayo from Primal Kitchen); Carbohydrate: Dried Cranberries (from Trader Joe’s).

Evening Meal:

I got home late from Trader Joe’s, unloaded my groceries—I wasn’t JUST going to let it be a photo field trip, I actually stocked up on any of the items I needed in my pantry—and fixed myself a warm and soothing cup of bone broth. I’m finding if I add a little ground thyme and a hot spice, such as Cajun spice, cayenne or hot sauce (such as Yuzu Hot Sauce I get at TJ’s) I really like the flavor! Chock full of minerals and collagen I know I’m getting good health benefits from it. I decided to have something different than my favorite evening RxBar, so I had a boiled egg and some olives with my broth. Then I settled in to read my current book, Goddesses Never Age, by Dr. Christine Northrop. She’s a smart, intuitive lady and I highly recommend her book.

So … I’m about a day behind in posting … and I’m about to take a few more field trips, so I’ll sign off for now. I hope seeing my daily meals, how easy they are, and how delicious is starting to get your wheels turning and thinking about your goals and how you can implement a plan to support your goals, healthy lifestyle and the best version of you! Mindset is important and the initial phase is preparing to change and getting clarity on what it is you want and the action steps you will take to get there!

Please post your comments and questions below.

Kay Rice, M.Ed. Wellness & Lifestyle Coach, Vedic Educator, Consultant, Author & Free Spirited Adventurer

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