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Get access to the Quick Start Guide, a Weekly Fitness & Nutrition Journal, our shopping lists, simple and easy meal ideas, and best of all, access to Private Facebook Group where you will receive daily support & motivation. This is not a diet, it is a lifestyle, and once you learn the secrets of making your body work for you, you will see just how easy it is to get permanant results using easy and sustainable strategies. You’ll be eating REAL food, and no more starving yourself!

Here's What You Will Receive:

  • Our Quick Start Guide with Step-By-Step Instructions
  • Weekly Fitness & Nutrition Journal
  • Shopping Lists
  • Example Meal Plans & Templates
  • Simple & Easy Meal Ideas & Recipes
  • Tips & Strategies to make things Easy
  • Learn the Science behind the strategies & why diets don’t work!
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group where you will receive daily support, motivation & tips

What People Are Saying

In my medical practice I have had many patients, when needing to lose weight, try every gimmicky, medically unsound diet ever formulated. Based on spurious pseudo-science, these diets never achieve their promise of rapid and sustained weight loss. Kay Rice’s nutritional recommendations, however, aare scientifically sound and based on both known metabolic physiology and pathophysiology. Her advice is medically cogent but also commensensical.

Rick Brown, MD

Founding Member, Southview Medical Group, PC

Final late weigh in: it has been a great month learning how to eat for energy!!! I’ve been at the beach so I didn’t expect any more weight loss. It was 8.5 lbs, and I gained just a pound at the beach. I’m very excited about the inches lost -2″ bust and -2″ waist, -1/2″hips, I carry my weight high. My first 10 pounds almost gone, and on to the next 10 pounds. The best thing is now I have the tools to keep weight and energy levels under control??????


Christy Criss

30 Day Challenge, UFQ 2016

When I decided to challenge myself to find out what transformation I could achieve in 40 days I put together a team of experts and created the Ultimate Fitness Quest. Since I am frequently in the media, I went public with my personal challenge and invited others to participate. Kay Rice was my Nutrition Coach and also the Meditation Expert on my team. I followed her plan and in 40 days I lost 20 pounds of body fat and increased my lean body mass by 3 pounds. In addition, my energy improved and I felth better! After my initial Ultimate Fitness Quest Challenge I invited my entire staff to take the challenge. Kay came in and gave every staff member a personalized Nutrition Plan and both group and individual coaching. We made it a 6 week Ultimate Fitness Quest Office Challenge. Our staff lost over 90 inches total and an average of 7.8 pounds of body fat per person! Not only did everyone achieve a better level of health it was a GREAT team building exercise!

Stewart H Welch III

Founder, The Welch Group, LLC

Final checkin: 7 # lost, can zip my pants , clothes all starting to fit better! So appreciate all the support and help! It’s been a great experience. I don’t want it to end!

Susan Wood

30 Day Challenge, UFQ 2016

Weighed in this morning and still at 8 lbs. lost but not discouraged, I only see lower scale numbers in my future!!! I am encouraged which is very motivating and I have made some very positive steps to my overall health (NEVER thought I would say I don’t  want a diet coke, water please!) I would like to propose another 30 day challenge? Anyway we can keep this going longer? Thanks to all for their help on this journey we don’t want to end!

Pamela Swinford

Huntsville, AL, 30 Day Challenge - 2016

What a great start!

Was hoping I had miraculously lost another 5 pounds since I weighed Monday but scales still show a total of 13 pounds. Thanks team!

Kathy Morris Ryan

30 Day Challenge, UFQ 2016

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