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My Approach

A coach is a nonjudgmental support person and accountability partner. Together we will get clarity on your goals, why they are important and what you need to do achieve them. We’ll identify the gap between where you are now and where you want to be (even if you aren’t sure where that is quite yet).

There are coaching moments when something happens between a coach and client that creates an immediate shift, and then there is on-going coaching support and strategy. Both of these have value. I do many types of coaching: one-on-one in person, remote by Skype or Zoom and group and corporate coaching or workshops.

With one-on-one coaching, we will do an initial session to decide if coaching is a good fit for you. If it is, we will proceed with a step-by-step approach to identify and clarify what you would like to achieve and the actions steps and support you need to achieve the outcome you desire. If it is not a fit, I will do whatever I can to provide you with suggestions and resources that may be of help to you.

 If you think you’d like to coach with me, contact me by email to set up a call. In your session, we’ll talk about your goals and how you can reach them. Usually, it’s a lot of fun. If I can help you further, I’ll tell you how, but there’s no pressure.


My Qualifications

Results and a proven track record are the most important qualifications for a Coach or Consultant in any area. It is good to know that your coach or consultant’s qualifications in the three areas of education, training and experience. Kay has received the following certifications and degrees.

Wellcoaches® Licensed Corporate Wellness Coach

Robbins Research International, Inc. Results Coach Training

IBNFC Nutrition and Life Coach

Chopra University Ayurvedic Educator

  • Perfect Health
  • Primordial Sound Meditation
  • SSLOY – Yoga, ERYT-200

ACSM – American College of Sports Medicine – Certified Health & Fitness Instructor

AFAA Personal Trainer Certification

Master of Education – Exercise Physiology from Auburn University



My Values & Beliefs

Who are you? How do you answer that question? You don't have to find yourself—its more a matter of remembering who you already are

You don’t have to find yourself—instead you will remember who you are. Through the busyness of life, many of us have lost our connection with who we really are. It is not that we have lost our connection to nature; we have forgotten we are a part of nature. We each have a divine God-spark within us.

What do you want? Do you know?

What does optimal health, success or true happiness mean to you? So many of us never achieve what we want because we are not clear about what it is that we want. I can help you find that clarity along with a plan to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Have you found your one true passion & purpose in life?

Each of us has a purpose in life. We are all as individual as snowflakes. There is something each of us came here to do, and it is something no one else can do as well as you do. It is your purpose to find out what that is and bring that to the world. My one true passion is to teach and inspire lifestyle habits which support the daily renewal of Mind, Body and Spirit.

Why I Became a Coach

“What you get by achieving your goal is not as important as who you become by achieving your goals.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

I am a Holistic Transformation Strategist who helps people who are going through a transitional time in their life or just want to experience optimal health, success and fulfillment.

I began my Coaching Career in 2003 as a Licensed Corporate Wellness Coach with Wellcoaches® and as a Nutrition/Weight Loss Coach. Later I became fascinated with the ancient wisdom teachings of Ayurveda and later the Andean Spiritual & Healing Traditions.

I broadened my expertise to a holistic approach through my studies of meditation, yoga and the ancient science of Ayurveda. I became a certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor in 2006 and taught for several years in the Atlanta area. I spent several months in South America studying the Andean spiritual and healing traditions with healers and shamans of various traditions during 2012. I was recognized as a gifted teacher and healer and encouraged to go teach and share my gifts to others.

I have also been sought after as a small business and publishing coach, having written, contributed to or been acknowledged in several books. In addition to all of the personal development and spiritual exploration and courses I have attended, I am a paralegal and an entrepreneur. I have attended a multitude of Internet Marketing and Book Publishing events in order to hone my ability to bring my inspiration to the world.

I spent my time prior to coaching and teaching as a full-time mom of three children and a partner in a family business which I helped take from startup to success. Realizing that my marriage was unhealthy and tjat I had three children to consider, I made a decision. I realized I had to take 100% responsibility for my own happiness and the well-being of myself and my children and that I could not rely on my partner for friendship, companionship, love or affection. I began preparing for the inevitable by working on my own transformation and evolution. For years I wrestled with a very difficult situation and what was best for not just me but my entire family. Ultimately, that marriage had to end, but not without huge challenges and repercussions to me and to my children.

Along the way I recognized that not only was I growing and evolving, but I was being recognized by teachers, healers, students and clients as a gifted teacher and healer. I had a knack for coaching. My students were asking for more, and right now I can imagine some will say, “What took you so long?”

I began studying successful people and what they had done to transform their lives and achieve extraordinary success. I noticed only a small percentage actually achieve their goals, and I wanted to learn what they do differently than those who just “try” to achieve their goals.

One of the things I learned is that successful people surround themselves with others who are successful. In the beginning, I knew very few people who had achieved the level of success that I wanted. I began by reading books written by successful people I admired—then I ordered some personal development tapes. I became a student of Yoga and found it had unexpected gifts, as I reconnected with Spirit and Creativity. I began taking better care of myself as I began putting what I learned into practice. Finally,  I began attending programs and seminars to expand my financial education and personal development. I also had mentors and one-on-one coaching. I started doing the things that I learned successful people do—I read the books that I learned had inspired them—I began doing things in a way that successful people do.

I lost 40 pounds, my confidence improved, my knowledge expanded and I was able to tune into my inner being and higher self. As I once again connected with Spirit, my instincts and intuition improved. There were far too many benefits to list here.

Through my own personal growth and evolution over many years, I have learned the following:  Every Coach had a coach, a mentor or someone who inspired, motivated and taught them. Those coaches and mentors also had someone who inspired or motivated them. Most therapists have therapists. Many therapists became therapists or counselors because of what they have overcome in their own lives. Some of the best coaches are great not because of what they have achieved but because of what they have overcome to become who they are today. 

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Kay’s Books

  • The Yoga of Wisdom
  • The Book on How to Lose Weight
  • Think Like a Self-Made Millionaire

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