Choose Wisely Because …

Choose Wisely Because …

Your daily dose of Inspiration:

It’s almost never about choosing between what’s clearly right and what is clearly wrong.

It’s almost always about choosing between what’s familiar and what is going to make your soul come alive.

~ Brianna West

Choose Wisely – and know remember that the things you want most

are often just outside of your comfort zone.

Have a Great Day!

The Promise of a Shaman, a Coach, a Healer

The Promise of a Shaman, a Coach, a Healer

The promise of a shaman – Yogesh Kumar

If you come to me as a victim I will not support you.
But I will have the courage to walk with you through the pain that you are suffering.
I will put you in the fire, I will undress you, and I will sit you on the earth.
I will bathe you with herbs, I will purge you, and you will vomit the rage and the darkness inside you.

I’ll bang your body with good herbs, and I’ll put you to lay in the grass, face up to the sky.
Then I will blow your crown to clean the old memories that make you repeat the same behavior.

I will blow your forehead to scare away the thoughts that cloud your vision.
I will blow your throat to release the knot that won’t let you talk.
I will blow your heart to scare fear so that it goes far away where it cannot find you.
I will blow your solar plexus to extinguish the fire of the hell you carry inside, and you will know peace.
I will blow with fire your belly to burn the attachments and the love that was not.
I will blow away the lovers that left you, the children that never came.
I will blow your heart to make you warm, to rekindle your desire to feel, create and start again.
I will blow with force your vagina or your penis, to clean the sexual door to your soul.
I will blow away the garbage that you collected trying to love what did not want to be loved.
I will use the broom, and the sponge, and the rag, and safely clean all the bitterness inside you.
I will blow your hands to destroy the ties that prevent you from creating.
I will blow your feet to dust and erase the footprints memories, so you can never return to that bad place.
I will turn your body, so your face will kiss the earth.
I’ll blow your spine from the root to the neck to increase your strength and help you walk upright.
And I will let you rest.

After this, you will cry, and after crying you will sleep,
And you will dream beautiful and meaningful dreams,
and when you wake up I’ll be waiting for you.
I will smile at you, and you will smile back
I will offer you food that you will eat with pleasure, tasting life, and I will thank you.
Because what I’m offering today, was offered to me before when darkness lived within me.
And after I was healed, I felt the darkness leaving, and I cried.
Then we will walk together, and I will show you my garden, and my plants, and I will take you to the fire again.

And we will talk together in a single voice with the blessing of the earth.
And we will shout to the forest the desires of your heart.
And the fire will listen and whisper the echo, and we will create hope together.
And the mountains will listen and whisper the echo, and we will create hope together.
And the rivers will listen and whisper the echo, and we will create hope together.
And the wind will listen and whisper the echo, and we will create hope together.
And then we will bow before the fire, and we will call upon all the visible and invisible guardians.

And you will say thank you to all of them.
And you will say thank you to yourself.
And you will say thank you to yourself.
And you will say thank you to yourself.

Create Your Dream Life Toolkit

Create Your Dream Life Toolkit

I’ve Created the Dream Life Toolkit Just for You

You can get it right now for FREE!

Are You Ready to Create Your Dream Life?

Are you Thriving or just Surviving?

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have it all and achieve their dreams and others do not? Why most people live just a mediocre life, merely surviving and not thriving?

Did you know there is a 5% club? That only 5% of the population EVER achieve financial freedom? This means, the majority of us will never be able to comfortably retire.

Stress is at an all-time high. We have anxiety disorders, sleep disorders and our wonderful technology which was intended to make us more productive, save us time, and keep us more connected seems to have done just the opposite.

With all of our advances in health, more than two-thirds of our population is overweight. Over 30% of our children are already overweight.

Most of our diseases are related to stress or lifestyle. This is sad, and I can’t tell you how many folks I know personally who have struggled with their weight all or most of their lives and are still trying to lose the same 20 pounds, and are possibly even heavier and less healthy even after all of their efforts.

So How is YOUR life?

I assure you can create the life you want. It is everyone’s dream to live a life of abundance, and not just abundant with money. Wealth is only one of several important kinds of abundance. A successful life is not just a life of abundant financial wealth. Trust me, there are many financially wealthy people who are not happy, not healthy, don’t feel fulfilled or loved. This is tragic, but all too many of us are struggling. I know, I’ve BEEN one of those people myself!


“Success without Fulfillment is the Ultimate Failure” – Tony Robbins

This is Why I am Gifting you the “Create Your Dream Life” Toolkit for Free!

Here’s what you  will find inside your Toolkit,  and I will share a personal story with you as well

Section 1. Get Clear on Why You Are Here

We will call this your baseline. This is where you get clear where you are today, and gain some insight about why you are here, how happy you are with the different areas of your life and what areas you would like to improve.

There are 2 parts to Section 1. In Part 1, you will create your Life Wheel. Next, in Part 2, you will do a 2-minute download for each category.

Section 2. Your Dream Life

This section is where you get to write out the life you want. This is literally where you get to begin to dream the life you want into existence.

To get the most out of this process, you are going to want to get your emotions involved. Express WHY these things are important to you.

Dare to dream greatly, and to dream a dream so big that it might seem impossible to achieve. That’s Okay, it’s perfect actually.

A wonderful man, who started one of the largest churches in the North Atlanta Area, Randy Pope, used to say that unless we “Dream a dream so big that it would be impossible to achieve if God were not in it” it’s probably not a big enough dream.

God wants us to have an incredible life, and to achieve great things not only for ourselves, but for our families, our communities and our world.

Section 3. Your 90 Day Turn Around

Here’s where you get some leverage and get moving!

Some of the things you would like to accomplish may take more than a minute to manifest. That’s okay.

Some things took a long time to get the way they are today. Sometimes it even takes some effort to stop the momentum going in the wrong direction, and then get it going in the direction you want it to.

Therefore, in this section you are going to write out some 90 Day Goals for yourself in each category. Then I want you to write down WHY the outcome is important to you.

Finally commit to 3 action steps you can do right away to get going.

Remember, a walk of 1,000 miles begins with ONE step, and is achieved one step at a time.

Small consistent steps in the direction of your dreams are powerful!


Order Your Own Lab Work

Order Your Own Lab Work

I’m very pleased to be able to bring you this resource, lab testing at discounted prices —at a savings of 50% to 80%.

Direct lab testing is now available in 46 States! (New Jersey, New York, Maryland & Rhode Island excluded).

Your Lab Work on Your Terms

It’s an EASY three step process:

Step 1: Order Lab Tests Online

Place your order for the tests you want with no physician visit required. Select from a menu of individual tests or choose one of the popular laboratory packages.

Step 2: Local Blood Draw:

Now its time to draw your blood and there is no appointment required. Choose from over 4,000 draw stations throughout the country.

Step 3: Online Lab Report

Results are available in as soon as 48 hours. Your lab report will provide valuable insights and help you better understand and optimize your personal health.

Unlock Your Biological Data

Testing your blood gives you insight into the most important laboratory — your own body. Get baseline screening blood tests or decide to take a deeper dive by ordering from a menu of advanced biomarkers.

Know what you want?

Know exactly what you want or are you just looking ofr a single lab test? You can keep it under your budget by using the organized pillars of health. Here you can access individual test information, select and auto calculate the amount of your custom package. It’s SO EASY!

Popular Panels

Need ideas? You will find packages for the most requested lab tests. Chgoose from the most popular test packages including sex and energy, nutrients & omega 3’s, and weight loss and optimal metabolism modules. To learn more, click on the modules below:

Young & Healthy Basic

Have a high deductible and need some screening blood tests? Not feeling well and want a basic place to start? Looking for a low cost screening option? Our Young and Healthy Basic Module gives you the perfect snapshot of your health.

Sex & Energy

An imbalance of hormones can cause loss of libido, memory problems, loss of skeletal muscle, accumulation of belly fat, fatigue, irritability and mood disturbance, sleeping problems, physical energy and physical endurance problems among others.


Inflammation is now thought to be the root cause of many diseases. Elevated levels in the blood signal an increased risk of stroke and heart attack and there is a growing body of research understanding the link between homocysteine and Alzheimer’s.

Brain Health

Prain Health Panel

Nutrients & Omegas

Nutrients are your body’s key building blocks, and having a varied, well-balanced diet is crucial for maintaining good health and preventing problems from developing. But studies show that while many people in Western countries are overfed (that is, overweight and obese), plenty of us are also undernourished.

Processed foods, depleted soils, lack of sun and exposure to toxins are just some of the reasons our bodies are lacking key nutrients.

And, even if you have an extremely ‘clean’ or healthy diet, chances are there may be some essential nutrients you’re missing – especially as you age. That’s because as we get older, our bodies are less able to make and absorb essential nutrients, even though our nutritional needs are just as high – if not higher – compared to when we were younger.

Our nutrient panel evaluates for key nutrient deficiencies and will provide baseline measurements that clients can use to optimize their individual results.

Weight Loss & Optimal Metabolism

This module measures “belly fat” hormones as well as evaluates the way your body is processing and storing sugar. Physicians use these labs to evaluate for insulin resistance, prediabetes, diabetes and adiposity or “sick fat cells.”

Keto Lab Panel

Tests Included: Triglycerides • Total Cholesterol • HDL Cholesterol • LDL Cholesterol • Cholesterol/HDL Ratio • Non- HDL Cholesterol • Lipoprotein (a) • Apolipoprotein B • LDL Particle Number, Peak Size, Pattern • HDL Large • LDL Small & Medium • Fasting insulin • Fasting glucose • Hemoglobin A1c • Hs-CRP • TSH • Free T4 • Free T3

Testosterone Checkup

Lack of testosterone can cause loss of libido, loss of skeletal muscle, accumulation of belly fat, fatigue, irritability and mood disturbance, physical energy and physical endurance problems among others.

Thyroid Evaluation

Thyroid disease affects more than 20 million people in the US. This module is used to evaluate the function of the thyroid gland. Tested biomarkers include: Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, free T3, free T4 and Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies.

Healthy Blood Vessels - The Advanced Lipid Panel With Lp(A)

Tested biomarkers include:

Triglycerides, Total Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol, Cholesterol/HDL Ratio, Non- HDL Cholesterol, Lipoprotein (a), Apolipoprotein B, LDL Particle Number, Peak Size, Pattern, HDL Large, LDL Small & Medium

Transformational Panel

We are offering a wide array of labs at a tremendous value. This includes all the tests that we perform touching on the 5 pillars of health: inflammation, blood vessel health, metabolism, hormone balance, and nutrient optimization.

Here’s what people who have ordered their tests online have to say:

“The lab panel test was enlightening. I thought as long as I was physically fit I was fine. Through the test I learned what biomarkers meant. The information empowered me with the knowledge to make the changes I needed. I began to focus my protocol and I actually enjoy it.”

Mitch Gaylord

Olympic Gold Medalist

“People have noticed a difference in how I look. They say, ‘Wow, you look like you are losing weight’ or ‘You look healthy!’ Once I had the right testing done, I got the answers I needed. I
now feel confident I can continue to lose more weight. 


Age 53

“I feel really good. I’ve lost 25
pounds now. My energy levels are up and I’m finally getting results for my disciplined lifestyle. My doctor missed my thyroid dysfunction with just a TSH test.  Having the advanced testing done, allowed me to narrow in on my issues, and find the help I needed.”


Age 48

“I feel hopeful now. I have had muscle and joint pain for years. Knowing my thyroid numbers gave me the confidence I needed to ask my physician for help.

I had a clear understanding of what was wrong going into my physician visit and was able to work with my practitioner to move the needle on weight loss.”


Age 55

“I used to work in a hospital laboratory, so I am a big advocate for lab testing. I had the full Transformational Panel done. The amount of tests performed and information gleaned was invaluable.

I used the information to learn what I could do on a holistic level and have a better conversation with my doctor.  I am exercising more consistently and making healthier choices
in my diet, and will retest further down the road to see how my numbers have changed. I already feel better and have more energy.

For anyone who wants to be healthy and nip any future problems in the bud, I highly recommend you do these tests.”

Terri Romera


 Your Lab Work Disclaimer & Disclosure Information:

If you’d like to order your own labs through YourLabWork.com, please use my affiliate link! Using my link costs you nothing. You receive discounted labs in a safe, confidential and convenient way and a small percentage of your purchase goes to support my work here at [business name]. Thank you!!

Please note: I am not a medical doctor and I cannot receive lab results directly from any lab, read or interpret labs, or diagnose or treat any medical condition! But what I can do is share with you Dr. Alan’s optimal functional ranges for labs, guide you to resources to help you understand your labs and help you with any questions you may want to discuss further with your doctor.

Direct discounted blood work and lab testing - no doctor required

The information on this site is for general educational and informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, prevent, cure or treat any medical condition. I am not a medical doctor and information presented is not medical advice or intended to
replace a one-on-one relationship with a doctor or health care professional.

You must consult with your health care provider about medical questions, do your own research and make your own health care decisions based upon your own research and judgment in partnership with a qualified health care professional.’

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