Why I Created the 90 Day Challenge

Why I Created the 90 Day Challenge

Why I Created the 90 Day Nutrition Challenge

Last year I hosted a 30 Day Fitness & Nutrition Challenge both on-line and in a Private Facebook Group. It was tremendously successful. I discovered that even on-line and virtual clients could achieve the same success that my coaching clients have achieved in the past. At the end of 30 Days even though clients had achieved results and recognized this program wasn’t a diet but a lifestyle, they wanted more.

  • 30 Days was a GREAT jump start, but not long enough to achieve longer term goals that many clients had of wanting to lose more weight than would be healthy in a 30 Day program.
  • It’s fairly easy to eat a certain way for 30 Days, but the real goal is to achieve long-term, sustainable results with healthy life-style choices—this takes longer than 30 Days
  • Successful Clients with the program ASKED for more support
  • I made this a 90-Day Program because by the end of 90 Days, most clients will have encountered some challenges that could throw them off-track. A 90-Day program gives them the support they need to learn how to stay on track (or get back on track quickly) when one of these challenges occurs. Be it travel, a life event, stress or hitting a plateau—I can coach you through that.
  • I wanted to make this information and this program available to as many folks as want it, and give them an easy way to get the support and accountability they need, and access to a coach (me) who can help them identify the small changes that will make a difference in their success in the program. (Although the program basics work for everyone, it is not a one-size-fits-all deal.)
  • Last, but certainly not least—last year I committed to providing this program again. Life circumstances delayed me from putting the program up last year, but I did not forget my commitment. I’m still adding resources and will continue to do so—but what we need it up and running right now!

NOTE: I’m putting the resources up in a way that they will be “evergreen”, meaning you can choose your own start date and you’ll still have the resources available to you in your own time. This means you can STILL start out with a 30 Day Commitment to the the program if you wish, and when you are ready you can jump back in at any time.

So, please fill out the form below to sign up, get the information you’ll need. Don’t hesitate to ask questions by posting comments or even contact me through the Private Facebook Group.

So for now … I hope you’ll sign up and I look forward to having you join the group on the way to Optimal Health & Fitness.

Thank you,


90 Day Clean Eating Challenge

90 Day Clean Eating Challenge

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See what can happen in 90 Days when you make yourself and your health a priority. Sign Up for the 90 Day Clean Eating Challenge! Lose weight, improve your energy levels & feel great.

Get access to the Quick Start Guide, a Weekly Fitness & Nutrition Journal, our shopping lists, simple and easy meal ideas, and best of all, access to Private Facebook Group where you will receive daily support & motivation. This is not a diet, it is a lifestyle, and once you learn the secrets of making your body work for you, you will see just how easy it is to get permanent results using easy and sustainable strategies. You’ll be eating REAL food, and no more starving yourself!

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90 Day Challenge Fast Start Guide

90 Day Challenge Fast Start Guide


Welcome to the

90 Day Clean Eating Challenge

 Please be sure and read the 90 Day Clean Eating Challenge Guidelines Below.

First Steps:

  1. Pick your start date. The challenge has been designed in a way that you can start on any date that works for you. If you have a special event or trip coming up, you may want to pick a start date after that even.
  2. Take your measurements & your photo You will find a baseline measurement form in the Weekly Fitness & Nutrition Journal which you received when you signed up. Recording AT MINIMUM your weight and waist measurements; taking before pictures is highly encouraged! Take a front & side and photo in form fitting clothes or a sports bra/swimsuit. If you are serious about getting on the right track you will be SO glad you took your baseline measurements and have a BEFORE picture on your way to a healthier lifestyle and your Ultimate Fitness & Health.
  3. Plan a Shopping Day & A Meal Prep Day. By now you have had plenty of time to review your meal plan & shopping list. Note: You don’t have to use all the meals, just the ones you like! Plan a shopping day before your start day, and then designate a “Prep Day”, if possible the day before you start. I plan a “Prep Day” every week, where I cook some items in bulk and prepared some meals in advance. This way you will have foods and meals available through the week.
  4. Have a Back Up Plan Create an Emergency Food Stash, and keep some of these foods available in your briefcase, purse, car or at your office. Often when you are on the go it is difficult to find foods that are protein rich and don’t have too many refined carbohydrates, unhealthy fats or other additives that you don’t want or need. If your goal is to keep your nutrient ratios in line and eat the highest quality of foods, then your best option is to plan for the unexpected. Always have some snacks available for the unexpected or times when you can’t prepare. Here are a few options I keep on hand:
  • RxBars – Complete Protein, Fat & Carb in a bar with all natural ingredients and no added sweeteners.
  • Chomps Beef Sticks
  • Epic Bars
  • Single portions of olives (healthy fats)
  • Boiled Eggs
  • Apples
  • Dried Fruits with no added sweeteners
  • Nuts: Walnuts, Almonds, Cashews, Pecans
  1. Check in to the Private Facebook Group EVERY DAY and check in. This should take 5 minutes tops! This is where you will also be able to interact with Kay and others participating in the 90 Day Challenge/ In the last challenge, it was apparent that the people who participated got results!


90-Day Challenge Daily Guidelines


  1. Eat your first meal within an hour upon waking.
  2. After your first meal, eat every 3-4 hours throughout the day. If you are hungry in 3 hours, go ahead and eat. Don’t go longer than 4 hours between meals, and if you do not feel ready to eat in 4 hours, then eat just half a meal. You should feel “ready to eat, but not starving” when it is time for a meal; after eating you should feel “satisfied but not stuffed”.
  3. Weigh and measure your food portions for the first 2 weeks, until you feel comfortable with knowing what a correct portion is. I recommend you purchase a food scale if you do not already have one.
  4. Stick to the menu! You may repeat meals through the week based on your personal preferences. This means you do not have to use or eat all the meals. Any meal on the program can be eaten at any meal or snack time so long as you eat every 3-4 hours during the day.
  5. Drink at least half your bodyweight in ounces of water each day. This means a 150# person should drink a minimum of 75 ounces each day. It is okay to add lemon to your water if you wish.
  6. Exercise at least 30 minutes EVERY DAY! If you already have an exercise regimen, then great. This may be a great time to add something new or change it up a bit. If not, pick something you will enjoy and stick to. If you have not been exercising at all, even getting out and walking 30 minutes a day is a great start! Recently, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) has been reported to be the best exercise tool for weight loss, but it is not appropriate for everyone. Try to incorporate some strength training into your workout as well for best results. We will post some fitness tips and sample workouts for those of you who would like some new ideas.
  7. I recommend that everyone take a liquid multi-vitamin every day … read my article, A Word On Supplements  to learn what I recommend and which supplements I am currently using.

You may want to print out this post and keep it with you or in your Journal for reference.

Join Our Private Facebook Group

If you have not already done so, Sign onto Facebook and “JOIN” the 90 Day Clean Eating Challenge Facebook Group—you will be approved by a team expert. Only those who are in the group will be able to see the posts, comments and be able to access the “Files” section. Here you can also interact with Kay, other experts & participants on this page.  Be sure you have the Notifications turned ON in the Facebook Group page. Just click where it says “Notifications” under the cover photo and check Turn “ON” and choose “All Posts”.

What Is Clean Eating?

What Is Clean Eating?

What is Clean Eating?

I’ve used the term, “Eating Clean” for a long time. I didn’t even realize how common it had become until I saw the Clean Eating Magazine, which delighted me! Clean Eating means eating a diet that is made of Natural and Unprocessed Foods, free of added sugars, refined grains and other additives. When you eat a “Clean” diet the focus will be on fruits, vegetables, means and healthy fats in their most natural and unprocessed form  That used to be pretty easy. Just cut out the refined carbs (sugar and flour) and processed food and get back to basics eating REAL food, as close to the way mother nature made it as possible. Well, as our commercial food supply has evolved things have gotten a little more complicated. How so yu may ask?

Now, in order to get the “cleanest” most nutritious foods, the way mother nature intended us to have them, in addition to sugar & sweeteners (that go by a lot of different names—read my article on Sneaky Sugars in My Pantry), and refined wheat and wheat products (and wheat has become way over hybridized), there is GMO food, a ton of pesticides and much of our meat is raised and produced in a manner that doesn’t support or honor the life of the animal and we end up consuming the result of animals being raised in CAFO’s (Confined Animal Feeding Operations) which have been fed on GMO corn and popped full of hormones and antibiotics that are passed on to us in their meat or dairy products. Over the last 3 decades more and more people are becoming allergic, intolerant or sensitive to many of these mass produced crops. More and more of our population is becoming sensitive, intolerant or allergic to these over-hybridized, GMO crops, most of which by the way are subsidized by our government, which makes them CHEAP to produce. So … what t do? I’m going to lead you through some information and some steps that you can follow.

Instead of eating pizza, pasta, bread, cereals and fried foods, a clean diet will consist of meals like steamed broccoli and grilled chicken, omelets, steak, baked potato and salads with dressings made with healthy fats. In essence, it’s going back to how we used to eat before there were grocery stores packed full of processed foods, ready to serve microwavable meals, and fast food restaurants on every corner.

The idea behind eating clean is to get back to consuming fresh, unprocessed foods that are nutrient dense. In my mind, this includes avoiding foods with GMO products, added sweeteners, and foods that have been irradiated so they don’t spoil while they get shipped from other parts of the world to our local grocer. It may be impossible to eat local or organic foods exclusively, but the more you can, the healthier and more nutritious your food will be. The main reason for choosing to stick to a clean eating diet is to support your optimal health. As an aside, eating in this way also supports our local growers and farmers who grow crops and raise animals in a healthier environment, and in the end this supports having a healthier planet.

How “clean” you make your diet is up to you. You have a lot of choices here. To some, eating clean may mean that they only consume completely unprocessed foods. Others may reduce or eliminate all food products with refined grains and added sugars and sweeteners. I’ve got a new definition and option for you. Pick 30 days, and eliminate all grains, legumes, dairy products & sweeteners. Yep, this will pretty much eliminate all processed foods, and most refined carbohydrates. In addition, it will eliminate most foods that are causing symptoms due to an intolerance or sensitivity that you may not even realize you have. This will eliminate not only all sweeteners, but corn & corn products, wheat & wheat products, soybeans, peanuts, vegetable oils. You may already be asking, “So what will be left that I can eat?” Just wait and see. There are so many really delicious food options to explore, and since I tried doing this I’ve discovered that I’m eating a more varied and delicious assortment of healthy foods. I’m naturally eating more protein, healthier fats and a bigger diversity of fruits and vegetables than before. You’ll be filling your plate with plenty of raw or cooked vegetables, including potatoes or winter squash, delicious meats and rounding it out with healthy fats and a little fruit.

You may think it’s hard to find healthy snacks or meal replacements for when you are on-the-go, so I’m going to share with you some delicious options that I’ve found to keep in my Emergency Food Stash (EFS). My favorite meal replacement bars are now Rx Bars, with all REAL food; I’ve found some protein bars and sticks with REAL meat (EPIC Bars and Chomps Sticks, for an example), small packages of olives (for fats), and of course dried fruits, nuts and seeds. Most of these options even are organic, non-GMO, or come from Grass Fed Animals! When it comes to drinks, water and herbal teas are the best. I like to infuse my water with fruit. My favorite infusion is to add one slice each of lemon and orange to a 28 oz mason jar of water. Black coffee is another good choice (only it does not count towards your daily water intake since it is a diuretic), and I’ve found a couple of good non-dairy creamers. My favorite is a product called NutPods.

It might take a few days to adjust, and you may even experience some symptoms as your body rids itself of all the added sugars and processed food products. Pretty soon though, you’ll be enjoying the benefits of eating delicious real food.

In addition to some of the resources I’m giving you in this article, I’m going to give you some ideas that may help you when you start to miss your favorite processed foods. You may think that packing a lunch is hard when making a sandwich isn’t an option. And how are you going to go without bread or your favorite pasta.


GMO’s Revealed

GMO’s Revealed

I knew GMO’s were Bad—”Real food is always better than Fake Food”

GMO crops and food products are anything BUT Natural or Safe!

From the site GMO’s Revealed:

I’m Watching the 9 Part Documentary! Sign up at GMOsRevealed.com Each part is only available for 24 hours. I missed day one, but day two has 12 more hours.

FACT: The National Center for Food and Agricultural Policy estimates that 85% of U.S. corn is genetically modified. Other widely modified crops include canola oil, alfalfa and sugar beets.

FACT: GMOs are banned in 27 countries. Also, in 61 countries foods must be labeled as being genetically modified – but not in the U.S.

FACT: Glyphosate, the chemical originally developed to de-scale pipes, boilers and metals, is now used to KILL plants. What’s more, it is found in 75% of processed foods.

Global Leaders in the fields of medicine, law, agriculture and politics share their unique expertise as they explain the complex relationship between bacteria, soil, and your body.

Discover how Big Agriculture and companies like Monsanto have drastically influenced agriculture in America, leading to corrupt, inhumane and toxic farming practices.

My Take on Things:

Thrive Marketplace has made the filming of this documentary possible. They provide non-GMO, organic and food & products. I checked them out, and they do a lot of other good things, too. Their goal is to make healthy, safe food available to all consumers. They have special programs for students, teachers, low income families & more.  If we, as consumers, stop purchasing GMO foods and food products, the makers of these products will listen and stop producing these crops. Already, the damage done will take decades to revers itself. Think about it—every time you make a purchase you are “voting”. I want to support companies like this & help them create awareness about our food and food sources.

I just placed my first order on THRIVE; Click here if you want to check them out: Thrive Marketplace


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