Real Food Is Always Better Than Fake Food

Real Food Is Always Better Than Fake Food

Real Food and Real Results “Real Food is Always Better than Fake Food!” This has become my signature statement for choosing healthful and nutritious foods. Mother Nature knew what she was doing when she created our food supply. The closer you can get you food to the way Mother Nature created it, the more nourishing and healthier it will be for your body. This means whole grains, locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables in season; foods that come without packaging or bar codes and only have one ingredient in them. Refined, processed and packaged foods, foods that have ingredients that you don’t recognize and can’t pronounce, foods that have additives and preservatives, or have been genetically altered (GMOs) or irradiated are not the best choices. If you choose real food over fake foods it will also eliminate the need for substitute foods such as diet sodas, low-fat dressings processed cheese food (not even real cheese). In general these diet foods have had something taken out of them and had it replaced with something even less healthy. So, whenever you have a question about the healthiest choice, or the latest fad, just remember: “Real Food is Always Better … “, and ask yourself, “How close is this food to the way Mother Nature created it?” One thing I’ve learned over the years is that our over-consumption of certain foods has made some individuals less tolerant of them. Add to that the fact that much of our supply of these foods has been genetically altered (GMO), they just are not as healthy and nutritious as they used to be. I learned a long time ago that although I am not “allergic” to wheat and wheat products that I feel much better when I avoid them. Don’t even get me started on food additives and preservatives. Many of us have “hidden” food intolerance or sensitivities to certain foods. These foods include wheat— which is not GMO but has been over hybridized—and all products containing wheat (even if it is whole grain), (corn and products derived from corn like corn syrup), peanuts and other legumes, soybeans and soy products (now mostly GMO) & dairy products (most cows consume GMO corn). I like the plan that I follow and recommend to others because it can “meet people where they are” with regard to food quality and what they are used to eating. However, the goal is to get people eating consistently in a way that manages their blood sugar, and when they start feeling better, cravings are reduced, and they are experiencing other positive results, it becomes easier and easier to make healthier choices. Virtually everyone, including fitness models, when they eat the highest quality meals will eliminate these foods from their diet when they want to be their leanest, healthiest and have optimal energy. My recent research shows that between 70-80 percent of the foods we purchase in stores have GMO foods in them. Top GMO’s include corn, soy, canola oil (rapeseed), cotton, milk, & sugar. And Aspartame comes from a GMO bacteria! YUCK! My achy joints stopped aching and my digestion and elimination is better when I don’t eat wheat, flour, pasta or any wheat containing foods. If you have a food intolerance or sensitivity you may not even know it. The easiest thing to do is to eliminate all of those foods that are suspect for 30 days and then try re-introducing them one at a time to see what effects they have.  
Diet Myths and Mistakes

Diet Myths and Mistakes

Calories in and calories out!  We’ve been told that all we need to do in order to reach our weight loss goals is to create a calorie deficit.  That sounds so simple, but obviously there is more to it or most of us would already have permanently achieved our weight loss goals.  With more than two thirds of the United States Population overweight, and a large percentage obese, clearly there is more to the story!

How many of you have lost weight only to gain it back?  How many of you seem to start a diet every Monday only to have fallen off or become frustrated before the end of the first week?  How many of you seem to find it impossible to lose weight?

I know because I have had all of those experiences!  I felt as though every time I tried to “cut a calorie” here my body seemed to find it somewhere else.  In fact, over time I continued to GAIN weight instead of losing weight, even through I was making pretty healthy food choices and exercising.  What the heck?  Since my education was in Exercise Physiology, I was really beating myself up because I believed I was supposed to have the answers and be healthy and fit.  What I needed to know I had not been taught in college – even at the Masters level.  Ironically, when I finally DID learn how to fuel my body correctly I recalled that one of the basic principles I’d learned in 7th Grade.  I’ll tell you what that was later.  For now, I’m going to help you understand WHY many of the diets you may have tried have not worked.

Here is the biggest Weight Loss Myth: A Calorie is Just a Calorie

We have heard for years that a calorie is just a calorie; that all calories are created equally and that if you want to lose weight all you need to do is just burn more calories than you take in. Anyone who has struggled with their weight for very long will certainly agree that they have discovered that it is just not that simple. If it were, we would not have the obesity problem that we have today. Our hormones have a LOT to do with how we metabolize our food! What else matters? When we eat, how much we eat at a time, how long we go between eating, and the type and quality of the calories we are consuming all make a difference in how our bodies respond to the calories we consume. Often people trying to lose weight inadvertently keep their bodies in “fat storage mode” by going too long between meals, then eating too many calories at once, and of then the wrong kind of calories. This ultimately prevents weight loss success and slows metabolism.

Here are a few common dieting mistakes:

1. Not eating breakfast. Yes, your mother was right – you need to start your day with breakfast.  You should eat within an hour upon waking up.  When you haven’t eaten all night your blood sugar will be on the low side.  Eating a balanced breakfast will give your body the fuel it needs and jump start your metabolism for the day.

2. Going too long between meals. When you wait too long between meals you will become over hungry.  Starving all day sets you up to over eat, or eat the wrong things when you do finally eat. When you eat this way it affects your metabolism and large meals eaten infrequently encourage fat storage.  Eating small frequent meals during the day will help sustain your energy level, improve metabolism, and encourage fat burning.

3. Not drinking enough water. It is not uncommon to mistake thirst for hunger.  When you don’t drink enough water your body actually starts holding onto water. Seems like the opposite should be true but it is not.  You should drink a MINIMUM of 64 ounces of water per day or half your body weight in ounces. For example a 150 pound person should drink at least 75 ounces of water per day.

4. Not having a plan. We don’t plan to fail we fail to plan.  When you are trying to reach a new weight or level of fitness you need a plan to follow.  It takes some advance preparation to make certain you stay on the plan. Carry food with you and have a backup plan for emergencies.

5. Binging after you have eaten off your plan. Don’t wait until tomorrow to get back on track. We all fall off of our plan from time to time. What matters most is how fast you get back on track. Make it your goal to lengthen the amount of time between the times you fall track and shorten the time you jump back on after you have fallen off.

6. Believing you are genetically destined to be overweight. Some of us are more predisposed to gain weight, but the major factor in whether you are carrying around excess weight is how you you’re your life. Your lifestyle choices have more to do with how much you weigh than your genetic make up.

7. Eating processed or substitute foods. Real food is always better than fake food.  Eating foods as close to the way they were grown as possible is the best way to support optimal health.  Processed foods often contain ingredients that you don’t need or are unhealthy for your body.  Often “substitute” foods contain unhealthy chemicals and toxins your body would be healthier without.  As for those diet sodas … even artificial sweeteners can cause an insulin reaction in your body and they contain a lot of unhealthy chemicals.  Eat local and fresh fruits and vegetables in season whenever possible.

8. Being too attached to your scales. I’ve said it a million times, “The scales are not your friend!” Weigh at the same time of day with the same amount of clothing. The scales aren’t always the most accurate measure of whether you are consistently losing fat. Some experts recommend weighting only once a week. I like to weigh daily, first thing in the morning when I’m working toward a new goal. Your scales are not the only measurement of results. One month, when I began resistance training, I lost an entire size in my jeans without losing a pound on the scales. What did that mean? I lost body fat and gained lean body mass (muscle)! If I had gone entirely by the scale I’d have felt frustrated, while in reality my body changed in a very positive way that month.

9. Not eating enough food. Eating a lot less or going on a crash diet will not achieve the results you want. This strategy results in lowering metabolism and losing both muscle and fat. Total calories are important, but so are the amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats in the diet, and the frequency of your meals.

Never go on any diet that is not a manner of eating that you can adhere to for the rest of your life.  In addition to losing excess body fat you want to develop healthy habits that will promote your optimal weight and health for the rest of your life!  Don’t think that going on a temporary “diet” will give you lasting weight loss results. If you want to change you life your will need to change some habits so you can sustain your results long term! Trust the process. Once you begin to eat in a more healthful way you will not only see but feel the results, and you will likely choose to continue more healthy lifestyle habits! It won’t be a matter of forcing yourself into what you “should” be doing—you will genuinely want and enjoy your new choices!

Trader Joe’s Shopping

Trader Joe’s Shopping

I love Trader Joe’s! The nearest one is an hour away so when I go I stock up! A picture is worth 1,000 words, so I headed over to take some photos of some of the foods that I stock up on. Everything listed below is grain, legume, dairy, sugar & artificial additive free. That means no peanuts, no soy or soybeans, no gluten, and no sneaky sugars! Some folks ask, well if you are going to cut all of that out, what’s left? As you will see there is plenty!

Download the pdf version of my Trader Joe’s Shopping Guide Here

Produce Department

Trader Joe’s has so many delicious options in their produce department that are not typically available in my traditional grocery store. The variety of organic produce is always great, and if you need some time saving prepared veggies they are available! Here are a few examples. Certainly there are more options and they will vary from season to season and store to store. Yesterday I picked up some of the Kohlrabi Salad Blend (which is new), Peeled Garlic, ORGANIC Sweet Potatoes (I brought home TWO bags of those!), a bag of potato medley, and if you hate dicing vegetables for salads and recipes grab a container of the Healthy 8 Vegetable Mix. This list is certainly not exhaustive! I regularly pick up a bag of avocados from this department and local tomatoes, lemons, oranges, and seasonal fruits and vegetables.













Prepared Food: Meats & More

Of course prepared meats may cost a little more than if you cook everything yourself. However, I find that it is a great thing to have some of these on hand for meals in a hurry or when I just don’t want to cook something. One of my “new favorites” is the Spicy Italian Chicken Sausage. It is rare to find sausage that has no sugar. This sausage is already cooked. I like to remove the casing and crumble it into a skillet with egg and let it heat as the egg cooks. Fast and delicious breakfast! I’ve tried ALL of these, and have most of them in my refrigerator right now! That Sauerkraut is the best, and I enjoy it with the Applegate Organic Beef Hot Dogs.









I pick up Raw California Walnut Pieces, Pecan Pieces, Hazelnuts, Raw Almonds &/or Almond Slivers, Pinenuts, Whatever you need they have it. I generally purchase walnut and pecan pieces (rather than halves) because they are less expensive, and most likely I’m going to chop them, anyway. You’ll also find some packages of snack sized portions of nuts, such as raw almonds. Remember, on the first 30 Days of our challenge, no peanuts (they are actually a legume and not a nut, anyway).




Dried Fruits:

You’ll find about the largest assortment of dried fruit at Trader Joe’s that you will find anywhere. I like to keep stocked up on dried cranberries, berry blend, and I just picked up the Dried Berry Medley for the first time to try. These dried fruits make a delightful addition to all salads, but also chicken salad in particular. If you want to make your own trail mix, you can do it with an assortment of dried fruit, coconut flakes and nuts from TJ’s. Remember when you are purchasing dried fruits to check the nutrition labels. Some dried fruits will have added sugars. Fruit juice is okay as a sweetener, but during your first 30 days on this plan, our goal is to eliminate ALL added sugars and sweeteners.




Pantry Items:

Here’s where I really stock up when I go to TJ’s, especially since it’s an hour away and generally I don’t go but once every 4-6 weeks. Not pictured here is TJ’s Marinara Sauce. There are only a few that do not have sugar in them. The last time I went, the only one I could find with no sugar was the Marinara Sauce sold in the green can. I’ve seen a couple of others with no sugar, but they weren’t available at either the store in Georgia nor the one in Virginia when I shopped recently. Always read the labels to be sure! I shop for coconut oil, ghee, olive oil & avocado oil at TJ’s. They have a variety of sugar & additive free salsas which I use in recipes rather than on chips. TJ’s Fire Roasted diced tomatoes and their tomato paste in a tube are items I keep in my pantry all the time. For my emergency food stash I picked up cashew cookie Larabars, single serving pouches of olives and some Sacha Inchi Seeds, a super-food I discovered when I was living in Peru. Organic Coconut Amino’s are a great gluten, soy and sugar free alternative to soy sauce. I also keep almond & coconut flour on hand.







Frozen Meats


I can find some of the best frozen meats & seafood in TJ’s frozen department. From organic chicken breasts, grass fed angus beef, fresh caught tuna & salmon to a variety of perfectly portioned burgers.







Frozen Fruits & Vegetables:

I always pick up an assortment of fruits & vegetables in the frozen section. They have the best variety of frozen organic fruits and vegetables I’ve seen anywhere, and at good prices. I didn’t picture everything here, for sure! In addition to what is below I always pick up a several bags of frozen organic chopped spinach, broccoli, Brussels Sprouts and whatever else catches my eye. I can find mashed sweet potatoes all the time at the TJ’s in Georgia, but here in Virginia I am told it is seasonal. Also, I know they have frozen Hatch Valley Chilies at some stores, but not at the one where I shopped today.





Cut flowers are food for my soul and I love having them in my home. Flavored soda waters are great to have on hand, for something fresh and sparkly, and I generally pick up some Kombucha when I’m at TJ’s since it is about 30 cents a bottle less expensive here. Sun dried tomatoes are another item nice to have on hand for salads and recipes.


Meal Ideas Day 19

Meal Ideas Day 19

Coffee with Kay

Breakfast Ideas

Here we go … my sugar free sausage recipe along with some scrambled eggs & some unsweetened organic applesauce on the side! Easy peasy!

Macro-Nutrients: Protein: Egg Whites & Sausage; Fat: Sausage & Egg Yolk; Carbohydrate: Organic, Unsweetened Applesauce.

Meal Ideas

Now this was pretty delicious and I could eat it again and again. Chicken Salad Starter (4 oz roasted chicken breast, diced & 1 T Primal Kitchen’s Avocado Mayo), on top of a bed of Organic Field Greens topped with 1/2 diced apple, blueberries and some dried mixed berries.

Where are the Macro-Nutrients? Protein: Chicken Breast; Fat: Avocado; Carbohydrate: Apples, Blueberries, mixed dried berries.

Meal Ideas

Seared Scallops with sauteed spinach, kale, beets & broccoli slaw on the side (I used TJ’s Artichoke Pesto for searing the veggies).  I dipped each of the scallops in a little bit of coconut flour which I seasoned with Old Bay and then seared them in a skillet with ghee. Then I followed by sauteing these veggies in the same pan, using the artichoke pesto for flavoring and for the additional oil needed.

Where are those macro-nutrients in this meal? Protein: Scallops; Fat: Ghee & the olive oil in the Artichoke Pesto; Carbohydrate: Sauteed Veggies.

Thank you!

Kay Rice, M.Ed. Wellness & Lifestyle Coach, Vedic Educator, Consultant, Author & Free Spirited Adventurer

Steamed Clams!

Steamed Clams!

Coffee With Kay

Day 18: This was a day spent at the library so I could have better internet access for conference calls and other on-line work. I’m having some frustrations with my website and the current theme I’m running and it has prevented me from sharing my 90 Day Challenge resources quite yet. I had thought I would have it up by now—however, such is life, and I still plan to have it up in time to do a fall challenge. That means 90 Days to get in your best shape ever before the holidays … and then some follow up for strategies to use during the holidays!


Easy breakfast, my favorite sugar free sausage recipe combined with scrambled eggs on the side. Yep, I like mustard on my sausage, so that is what you see slathered on top. Still regretting not shopping for much fresh fruit this past weekend, I grabbed a pear from the refrigerator and that was my carbohydrate for this meal.

Where are the Macro Nutrients in this meal: Protein: Sausage Patty and Egg Whites; Fat: One whole egg yolk & sausage; Carbohydrate: Fresh Pear


Meal Idea:

Lunch was in a hurry between phone calls, and I grabbed one of those servings from my Yellow Squash Frittata, heated it in the microwave, and there was a complete lunch.

Where are the Macro Nutrients? Protein: Egg Whites, 4 in each serving; Fat: Egg Yolk (one per serving) and a little bit of ghee that was used to saute the vegetables; Carbohydrates: All those veggies! Yellow squash, onions and some diced potatoes (about 1/4 cup diced potatoes per serving, along with a gracious plenty squash & onion).


Meal Idea:

Technically, this meal wasn’t balanced and I didn’t have all the macro-nutrients at this meal. Clams are basically just protein, and I didn’t dip them in butter (which I could have to add fat). This is sort of a traditional meal around here, and a local brought me a dozen clams from the bushel he dug for over the weekend. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity for this delicious delicacy. So I steamed them on the grill on my back porch and had a bowl full, dipping each little clam in just a bit of Old Bay Seasoning, just like the locals showed me how to do!

Stay tuned … I hear the crab pots are out, and some of the crabs that are being hauled in are big beautiful ones. If I’m lucky, like I was last year, I just might get a few steamed crabs brought to me. After learning how to pick the meat from them, and learning what goes into clamming, crabbing & oystering, I have a new appreciation for those foods and the cost! It’s no wonder that REAL crab meat costs what it does. Getting the meat out of those little buggers is a challenge. (I think I need more practice. 😉 ) The meat is delicious!


Kay Rice, M.Ed. Wellness & Lifestyle Coach, Vedic Educator, Consultant, Author & Free Spirited Adventurer


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