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For the past two years I’ve been working on my writing and publishing skills. My intention was to learn what I needed to do to get my own books and content published. However, I ended up working on multiple book projects in a variety of capacities. I am either an author or have been acknowledged in some way for my contribution to each of the books below. I either wrote content, helped with the publication process, the launch or the marketing for each of the following books, and I must tell you that not only have I learned a lot, it has been really, really fun!

Your Holiday Feast by Kay Rice, M.Ed.

Your Holiday Feast is a holiday cookbook & planning guide which is full of my family recipes and tips that I used for decades while hosting our annual Thanksgiving Family Reunion. Guests arrived early in the week and stayed until the weekend. It is so nice to have all of our family recipes in one place, and it has been fun to share. ELEGANT & EASY HOLIDAY ENTERTAINING Whether you are entertaining during the holiday for the first time or whether you are seasoned holiday host or hostess, Your Holiday Feast cookbook and planning guide was created for you. If you have never made a traditional Holiday Dinner, this book has all the information you will need in one place: –Traditional recipes & family favorites –Organizational tips –Suggestions for making things ahead of time –Shopping and planning lists –Tips for making everyone feel welcome and at home You will learn how easy it is to make your holiday entertaining stress free, elegant, and a time for everyone to look forward to and remember long after the event. Whether you are hosting a small gathering or a large crowd, you can consider Your Holiday Feast your holiday entertaining blueprint! You will find suggestions to make your holiday a time to enjoy family and food, and will create memories and traditions that will last for years to come. Have your guests raving about how delicious everything is and be amazed at how easy you make it look. It is all in the planning and preparation, and of course, the delicious recipes!

So, What Do You Do? Vol 2 by Joel Comm, Kay Rice and others …

Next, I contributed a chapter to New York Time’s best selling author, Joel Comm’s book, So What Do You Do, Vol 2. Every person has been created by God with a set of unique passions, talents, skills, abilities, personality and presence which makes them completely unique from anyone who has ever, or will ever, live. When you are doing what you were made to do, you have the opportunity to positively impact the people and world around you.Unlike many books which highlight the “gurus”, “So What Do You Do? Discovering the Genius Next Door with One Simple Question” puts the spotlight on the unsung heroes; the everyday person; your neighbor; each of which has a special expertise which is demonstrated in their vocation or hobby.

From exceptional parenting and exciting adventure travel to growing a thriving business and dealing with issues of personal growth, “So What Do YOU Do?” will take you to new places and inspire you to share your genius with the world.

THINK Like A Self-Made Millionaire by Stewart H. Welch & Kay Rice (contributor)

Think Like A Self-Made Millionaire by Stewart H. Welch, III & Kay Rice (contributor) I helped with this one so much that I received a beautiful acknowledgement from Stewart and my name is on the cover! Not only that, it is the first of a series of books called Get Rich On Purpose® to help people learn about Financial Literacy and how to achieve Financial Freedom. I also was given the opportunity to update the GetRichOnPurpose.com website. In THINK Like a Self-Made Millionaire: 10 Secrets to Success, learn the success secrets of virtually all self-made millionaires. You’ll pick up proven strategies and action steps to help you achieve sustainable financial freedom, peace of mind, and life success! Through the Get Rich on Purpose® series, America’s Financial Advisor, Stewart H. Welch III, shares the financial expertise and wealth “secrets” he learned while going from an average twenty-something to self-made millionaire before the age of forty. His message is clear: “Everyone has the power to transform themselves and create extraordinary levels of success.”

Stewart H. Welch, III – Managing Member & Founder of the Welch Group, LLC – Author & creator of the Get Rich on Purpose® Series

“Kay has been a friend and encourager to me for more than a decade. As a consultant and project manager, she has taken more than one of my visions from idea to reality. She created the platforms for my upcoming Get Rich on Purpose® book series (2016) and my Ultimate Fitness Quest (2010 & 2016). She managed website design, social media presence, branding and has provided valuable input as to product and program content and development. Thanks to her persistent nudges, my Get Rich On Purpose® book series will soon be a reality and I have been delighted to have her on my team again. During my Ultimate Fitness Quest(s), she not only was a consultant and project manager, she also was on my panel of experts as a Wellness Coach and provided the nutrition program & coaching for me, and later for the entire Welch Group employees (and we all got results.) Kay is tenacious, smart and good at figuring out how to get things done. With a clear understanding of the vision, Kay is able to manage complex projects, create and manage teams, and outsource tasks with very little supervision. She is consistent & competent in her ability to handle challenges and find solutions in a fast paced and changing environment by being flexible, creative, willing to learn new things and being and solution oriented.”

Finding Your Best Places by Dan Furst

I met Dan Furst, Astrocartographer and Author of Finding Your Best Places, Using Astrocartography to Navigate your Lifein 2012 when I was traveling in Peru. Dan came to me for advice on how to better use his website and content for reaching more of his clients, and then again to coach him through the self-publishing process. Dan’s book is quite a work of art with all the maps and 4 color process in the interior. I am very proud to have supported him in bringing his work to publication and he generously acknowledged for my help and support. Finding Your Best Places: Using Astrocartography to Navigate Your Life is Dan Furst’s long-awaited first ebook on today’s hottest astrology topic, the exciting new art and science of Astrocartography. This word simply means that we take the same information an astrologer uses to create birth charts and horoscopes – that is, a person’s date, time and place of birth – and we use them to create world maps that are personal and unique, and useful in guiding us to our best destinations for jobs and money, health, family, love relationships, creative and spiritual paths, community, travel destinations, whatever matters most to us. Dan’s Astrocartography readings are amazing! I’ve gotten readings for myself, friends, and synastry readings, too. Right on target and helpful!

Acknowledgement: “For Project management, team coordination, digital publishing guidance and promotional strategies, Kay Rice.” 


R*eVe*olution by Denny Robbins-Scott & others

R*eVe*olution The Return of the Divine Feminine is our Evolution by Denye Robbins Scott Journey through the minds and lives of 40 global women leaders as they share their stories of passion, purpose, love and service in this revolutionary anthology. In R-eVe-olution, The Return of the Divine Feminine, you’ll be inspired, moved, and motivated to transform the YIN energy and divine feminine in your own life. These stories will: • Uplift your spirit and reconnect you to your soul • Energize the divine feminine within • Transform your commitment to service and contribution The Yin is the most highly underestimated energy on our planet, and the awakening of the global heart is emerging. The balance of the masculine and feminine energy in the world is essential now and as each of us is willing to participate in the awakening, we help shift the consciousness all around us. Join us in the stories of R-eVe-olution and let’s celebrate the feminine energy on mother earth together.

“It is with utmost respect and gratitude that I want to thank Shareen Ewing, Robert Robbins, Kay Rice, Maryann Brown, Polly Letofsky, Andrea Costantine and Lisa Schultz. Without this team of amazing and powerful beings, this project would not have happened.” Denye Robbins Scott


Plan Ahead by Babs Hart

The author of Plan Ahead, Babs Hart, wrote and self-published a few years ago. It needed updating and she wanted it to be re-published. She she furnished me with the old manuscript and I published it for her through Create Space. She has been in the insurance industry all of her life, and not only does she have her personal clients, but she also speaks at National Conventions, and this book provides valuable information about Long Term Care insurance. While we were updating things, she also had me update her website and convert it to a WordPress site so that she and her assistant could update and add content to it more easily.

Babs Hart, President at Hart Insurance Group

“Kay did an excellent job for me in creating the second edition of my book. There were significant issues to deal with, and she breezed through them seamlessly. She always stayed in touch as changes were needed and being made without consuming my time. She is very smart and a pleasure to work with, so I highly recommend her.”

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