And so the Adventure begins!

“Traveling on a Familiar Path Has No Guarantees” ~ Somebody Smart

Are you ready for what is to come in your new year? Are you ready to embrace the uncertainty of the coming year with curiosity and a spirit of adventure? I hope so, because ready or not the adventure of the new year has begun! Life is a grand adventure and if you approach it that way it is a lot more fun!

Have you taken some time … and if you haven’t, that’s okay … you can do it now …

Have you taken some time to reflect on the following questions? Even better, have you taken time to write these things down (in your journal!) along with the answers?

  1. Over the past year, what were my successes? What am I proud of, and what moments were memorable?
  2. What things do I wish I had done differently, or would I like to improve?
  3. Are there any things that I choose not to carry forward with me into the new year? (This can be physical or material, emotional or spiritual).
  4. What outcomes would I like to create in the coming year? WHY are they important?

If you haven’t already downloaded a copy of the “Create Your Dream Life Toolkit”, now might be a really great time to do that!

And if you don’t already have a fresh journal for this year, here’s the one I picked out to use myself:

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