Field Trip to Yogaville

Field Trip to Yogaville

Day Trip to Yogaville in Buckingham, Virginia

Yogaville is only a three hour drive away, so I’ll have plenty of time to get there before check in at 4:00. I’m a little apprehensive about what I will do about staying on my 90 Day Program, so I’m glad it turned out that I’m only staying over night this time. Here’s what I ate on Day 13 of my 90 Day challenge …


I’ve done a good job this week of using what I have in my kitchen and not letting anything go to waste. I decided to have my last serving of the Veggie Frittata, smothered in Hatch Valley Green Chili Sauce for breakfast. I really wasn’t very hungry this morning, so I actually didn’t finish the last few bites. If you’d like a copy of the recipe, follow this link for my Veggie Frittata Recipe.

Okay, the Macro-Nutrients. Do you remember where they are in this meal? Protein: 4 Egg Whites per serving; Fats: Egg Yolk; Carbohydrate: Potatoes, veggies, salsa. Yum!!!



I made certain I had time before lunch before I hit the road to Yogaville. I used the last of my mason jar chicken salads, adding a fist full of grapes and some walnuts to make it complete. I know some salad greens would have been nice, but I just wanted the basics this time so I could get on the road!

Macro-Nutrients? Protein: Chicken; Fats: Primal Kitchen’s Avocado Mayonnaise & Walnuts; Carbohydrate: Grapes


I arrived at Yogaville in plenty of time to check in and get situated in time for a 4:00 Yoga Nidra (Deep Guided Relaxation). Dinner was shortly after, and I was very pleased to find out that I would not starve! 😉 Everything was very clearly labeled, including the salad dressings. I couldn’t eat the vegan “main course” but there was a salad buffet with every sort of imaginable vegetable and garnish! I made myself a heaping plate and found a salad dressing made with the right oils and no sweeteners. Everything was beautiful, especially the Yogaville Farm heirloom tomatoes!

Where are the Macro Nutrients in this meal? Protein … Hmmmm … no significant source of protein in this meal; Fat: Salad dressing; Carbohydrates: All those delicious vegetables!

After dinner they had Satsung, which included some Kirtan singing & chanting, some talking, and a play about Hanuman done by a children’s yoga group camp that comes to Yogaville every year.

I Cheated:

Not too surprisingly, I was hungry again before my day ended. So for my fourth meal, I ate an RxBar that I’d discretely packed in my suitcase. (RxBars have egg white in them and eggs are not allowed in Yogaville.)  I made sure no one saw me eat it and I didn’t even leave the wrapper in their trash, but packed it away to take home with me.



Kay Rice, M.Ed. Wellness & Lifestyle Coach, Vedic Educator, Consultant, Author & Free Spirited Adventurer
My Day At Yogaville

My Day At Yogaville

Coffee With Kay

Day 14 of my 90 Day Challenge—at Yogaville, where they serve no eggs & no meat. Last night was pretty easy, but breakfast this morning had few options but fruit. So there I had it, a huge bowl of fruit. The Mandala Cafe didn’t open until 9:00 so I’d been awake for meditation, yoga and had eaten breakfast before I had my coffee. I took my own mug in already loaded with the creamer I’d brought with me. It’s only been two weeks and I’m not missing my honey and half and half at all anymore. These coconut creamers I’ve found are just fine. I like the Nutpods for home, but the powdered creamers I brought with me are great for travel! Even though food was a little bit challenging, I am so glad that I’m here. I’ve had a wonderful time!


Yep, breakfast was a big bowl of fruit. There was a big table with cutting boards so we could cut up our own fruit. Apple, banana and grapefruit were offered, and I had some of each. Then I topped my fruit bowl with raisins, cinnamon and orange juice. Aside from the fruit, only breads, cereals and sweeteners were available. None of those for me today, thank you. I thought to myself, “Whoa, this is a LOT of Carbs!” Basically, no protein & no fats at this meal.

So where are the Macro Nutrients in this meal? Protein: No significant source of protein; Fats: No significant source of fat; Carbohydrate: Everything in that bowl!

The Lotus Temple

Before lunch I took a hike to the Yogaville Lotus Temple. It is a sight to behold, indeed. Everything on the property is well cared for and maintained. I didn’t spot a weed or a dusty spot anywhere. The temple was no different. Everything about it was masterfully done. I’d always thought that the name, Yogaville, is a little corny and I certainly had no idea that that cotton candy colored dome was such a masterfully designed piece of architecture meant to honor all paths to the truth. “One Truth, Many Paths.”  Bells ring for the daily meditations, and it is asked that once the bells have stopped that no one enter to disturb those meditating inside the temple.  I barely arrived at the temple in time to take my seat for meditation.



Okay, I totally manifested my way back to lunch! I was about to miss lunch after meditation and exploring the Lotus Temple. After hiking through the woods, and only fruit for breakfast I was hungry and definitely didn’t want to miss lunch! The only way I was going to make it was going to be to hitch a ride. I had chosen to hike to the temple, not knowing how long it would take me. There is an option to drive. When I headed back to the Sivinanda Center I knew that if I hiked the whole way back, lunch would be over by the time I arrived. Once I had the thought that I needed a ride, the second car that passed me slowed and asked me if I would prefer to walk, or would I like a ride back.  Again, the Macro Nutrients were off … Protein: No significant source of protein; Fats: Salad Dressing; Carbohydrate: Lots and lots of vegetables!

My trip home took me past dinner and I didn’t have a plan or any back ups … when I got home I was over-hungry & had a little bit of this and a little bit of that, which really wasn’t a very good idea. Right before bed I had one of my favorite treats, a mint-chocolate RxBar. So we’ll see in the morning my results for week 2, and if my trip to Yogaville interfered with my results. Actually, I usually tell clients that when they are traveling or having other “life” challenges that their goal is to maintain through that period.


Kay Rice, M.Ed. Wellness & Lifestyle Coach, Vedic Educator, Consultant, Author & Free Spirited Adventurer



I Thought I Could Pull It Off Until

I Thought I Could Pull It Off Until

Coffee With Kay

Day 12: I’m all set to go to Yogaville tomorrow. I spoke with reservations and decided on an one day over-night stay this time to get to know the place, and then I can decide which programs I might like to participate in for a longer stay. I knew upon signing up that all of their meals are not just vegetarian, but vegan. Not even an egg. I’m not certain how easily I’ll be able to identify all ingredients, but hopefully I can avoid all grains and legumes, and then dairy and sweeteners should be fairly simple. I am not sure what the options might be, but I was thinking I could take a cooler with me with my own protein options and it would be easy enough to put together a meal that would keep me on my 90 Day program. I have been thinking what an opportunity for me to use my Emergency Food Stash . I was planning on what to take and how easy it would be to travel and still do this program. Then I read my confirmation email from Yogaville. “Please Honor Our Policy and Do Not Bring Any of the Following Items to Yogaville: Alcohol, Eggs, Fish, Meat of any kind.” So now I’m thinking that I am very glad I’m only staying for one night and wondering if I’ll be able to find foods on a Vegan Buffet that are grain free, legume free, dairy free, sweetener free. Maybe I’ll just have to be a breatharian while I’m there—those folks survive just on the prana from air. 😉 At least they do sell coffee there in the Mandala Cafe, and I can take my own coffee creamer.


You may be tired of seeing my daily breakfast, which has been the same for several days. However, I’m really not tired of it. This cantaloupe was so delicious that if I had more I would keep eating it! The Spicy Italian Sausage and eggs I think I could eat every day for a month. Actually, I find most people do settle in with a “favorite” two or three meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is sure to be one of mine!

Micro-Nutrients: Protein: Egg Whites & Chicken; Fats: Egg Yolk & Chicken Sausage; Carbohydrate: Cantaloupe.


This was a fantastic chicken salad lunch. Remember those mason jars of chicken & mayo I fixed earlier in the week? I added some dried cranberries & chopped fresh tarragon to one of those, served over a bed of mixed greens with some tomato & avocado. Delicious & filling! There’s another one of my favorite mason jars on the side with 28 ounces of spring water infused with a slice of orange and a slice of lemon. Lunch on the porch on a beautiful day! Yay!

Macro-Nutriends: Protein: Chicken; Fats: Avocado Mayo & Avocado Slices; Carbohydrates: Salad Greens, Tomato, Dried Cranberries.


I went a little crazy at the end of today, knowing I wouldn’t be taking items from my EFS, so I took it upon myself to do a sampling of Pili Nuts, Coconut Jerkey, and a Chomps Stick. All good, but really not my best choice … and then of course I had an RxBar before I went to bed for my last meal of the day. More about my EFS later … but Pili Nuts are REALLY good, and very rich! They almost feel and taste like they should melt in your mouth.



So tomorrow, I’m off to Yogaville! As always, I welcome your questions and comments—please leave them below.


Know How I Make Meals in Under 3 Minutes?

Know How I Make Meals in Under 3 Minutes?

Coffee With Kay

Today was a busy day! I had two conference calls, one about setting up the on-line version of the 90 Day Challenge for others to get the resources and support when they join. I’ve been working on my shopping guides—both for traditional shopping and preparing your pantry, and another one specific to Trader Joe’s, where I purchase a lot of my staples and pantry items. I find great value there and lot’s of organic and local choices. I’m working on getting that available, a.s.a.p. If you are interested in getting that, be sure and fill out the form at the bottom of this post and I’ll notify you when everything is up and available, and I’ll send you those links.

Last week I decided my office situation just wasn’t working for me. I noticed that I was having some resistance to spending time in that space, so I began analyzing and asking myself “why?” The first thing that came to mind was the placement of my desk. It was facing a wall, which I never like, so I moved it—and then I moved it again—each time it seemed better, but not quite right. I ordered a new office chair from Amazon Prime, and I’m delighted with it—it’s perfect. Finally, I decided my office was in the wrong room for me. So for the past two days I’ve been shuffling things out of one room to make room for my office and exercise equipment—yep, half of my office has room for an exercise equipment and my yoga mat. It’s mostly finished now. Now to decide where to hang things on the wall. And I’ve decided to set the “old office” room up as a guest room with the beautiful antique bed & dresser that came from my ancestral home, Belmont. I really do believe the energy of a space is important. Where the furniture is and how a room is decorated really does make a difference in how I feel in a place. I want an office space that is open, organized, that I can see outside and inspires my creativity!

My 3 Minute Meals

I don’t think it took more than 3 minutes to prepare any of these meals! How do I do this? Having a “meal prep day” where I cook a lot of things “in bulk” for the coming week. It makes putting together a filling and nutritious meal in a snap, really easy!


I have a new favorite breakfast. The Spicy Italian Sausage links that I found at Trader Joe’s are so delicious and filling. I’ve been taking the pre-cooked meat out of the casing and crumbling it into the skillet and it warms up as I cook my egg. And I’ve been enjoying this cantaloupe I I purchased at the farmer’s market. It is one of the most delicious I’ve had all season, and it was the size of a watermelon, so I have plenty!

Where are the macro-nutrients in this meal? Protein: Sausage & Egg White; Fat: Sausage and Egg Yolk; Carbohydrate: Cantaloupe.


I love 3 minute meals! I had lots of phone calls today, so there was not a lot of meal prep or cooking time. Cajun Chicken left over from the day before was my lunch, and yes, that entire bowl was one serving! It is hearty and filling for sure! I roasted a chicken over the weekend, used the carcass to make bone broth, saved the leg quarters and made this recipe, and the remainder of the meat was diced and packed in four mason jars with mayonnaise for a variety of chicken salads.


Still working on the resources to make available for the 90 Day Challenge, I decided a picture is worth 1,000 words so after my last phone call, I made a quick meal of diced chicken, mayo, a handful of dried cranberries and some chopped tarragon, and then I headed to Trader Joe’s to take photos to create a shopping guide and downloadable pdf list.

Where are the macro-nutrients in this meal? Protein: Diced Chicken; Fat: Mayonnaise (Avocado Mayo from Primal Kitchen); Carbohydrate: Dried Cranberries (from Trader Joe’s).

Evening Meal:

I got home late from Trader Joe’s, unloaded my groceries—I wasn’t JUST going to let it be a photo field trip, I actually stocked up on any of the items I needed in my pantry—and fixed myself a warm and soothing cup of bone broth. I’m finding if I add a little ground thyme and a hot spice, such as Cajun spice, cayenne or hot sauce (such as Yuzu Hot Sauce I get at TJ’s) I really like the flavor! Chock full of minerals and collagen I know I’m getting good health benefits from it. I decided to have something different than my favorite evening RxBar, so I had a boiled egg and some olives with my broth. Then I settled in to read my current book, Goddesses Never Age, by Dr. Christine Northrop. She’s a smart, intuitive lady and I highly recommend her book.

So … I’m about a day behind in posting … and I’m about to take a few more field trips, so I’ll sign off for now. I hope seeing my daily meals, how easy they are, and how delicious is starting to get your wheels turning and thinking about your goals and how you can implement a plan to support your goals, healthy lifestyle and the best version of you! Mindset is important and the initial phase is preparing to change and getting clarity on what it is you want and the action steps you will take to get there!

Please post your comments and questions below.

Kay Rice, M.Ed. Wellness & Lifestyle Coach, Vedic Educator, Consultant, Author & Free Spirited Adventurer
Consistency is Key to Success

Consistency is Key to Success

Coffee With Kay

Day 9: Over my morning brew my thoughts turned to “Consistency”. I have been reminded that it isn’t all that hard to do this program, one-meal-at-a-time, in fact it is pretty easy. I am never feeling like I am “starving” and I’m always satisfied when I finish a meal of the right proportions with the right macro-nutrients (Protein, Carbohydrates, Fat). What matters the most, and gets the OPTIMAL results over the long haul is consistently doing the program. I noticed this 10 years ago when I began eating and exercising correctly, with a coach and a trainer. They didn’t really push me beyond what I thought I could do. Instead, they challenged me with consistently working where I was, and encouraging me to “stay the course” through good times, plateaus & challenges. I’ve noticed the power of consistency in other areas as well. For example, I’ve been watching other authors, teachers and marketers and noticing what the successful ones do. Consistency is an important success strategy. Long term success isn’t just a sprint, it’s a marathon and it isn’t just a straight line. It means showing up and being consistent through obstacles, unexpected events (like my knee injury), and showing up to be your best one day, one meal and one exercise at a time (even when your ‘best’ varies from day to day). It all adds up—just like compounding interest in finance over time yields some pretty astounding results, so will your health habits, whether they are good habits or bad habits. Which reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from “A Course In Miracles”: “Every decision I make is a choice between a grievance and a miracle—I choose the miracle.”


I decided to pull out a serving of the Veggie Frittata I made last week for my breakfast. I covered it with TJ’s Chunky Salsa and it was a complete meal. Remember where the macros come from in this meal? Each serving packs 1 whole egg, 3 additional egg whites, a tone of veggies including spinach, shredded potato, onions & bell peppers, and that’s an additional slice of fresh tomato on top. Here is where the macro’s are: Protein: Egg Whites, Fat: Egg Yolk and a little bit of ghee that I sauteed the potatoes in; Carbohydrate: Potatoes & other veggies. I make the recipe in a ceramic pie plate and 1/4 the pie is equal to one serving for me.



I decided it was time to break out and try Trader Joe’s Beef Sirloin Roast for lunch. I really wasn’t sure what to expect until I opened the box. Inside I found a plastic pouch with tender, delicious and fully cooked and sliced (or was it just so tender that it flaked apart) sirloin roast packed in its own juice. The box had enough for 4 portions (for me) so I used one and then individually bagged the remaining three and stored them in the refrigerator for later. I still have some extra frozen vegetables in the freezer left over from earlier in the year. Right now I’m able to eat mostly fresh. However I grabbed some broccoli and used this meal as an opportunity to create a little more space in the freezer. Paired with some left-over boiled white potato and a couple of thick slices of fresh tomato, this was a meal! It took me about 6 minutes to prepare, and that was only because I had to cook the broccoli. Where are the macros in this meal? Protein: Sirloin Roast; Fat: Sirloin Roast; Carbohydrate: Potato, Broccoli, tomato. Tip: Most all red protein/meat (including salmon, which is a fish) contain both protein and fat. I always choose my protein at a meal first and then build the rest of the meal around that.


When I made lunch today, I’d already decided on my sides. However, when I looked at that roast I thought how good it would be in a salad. I was thinking “Black & Blue” salad with blue cheese—but dairy isn’t on my plate this month. Still, I wanted that salad for dinner! So here’s how I put it together. I grabbed a large handful of organic mixed greens, put some of the cucumber, onion, grape tomato salad in apple cider vinegar with it (yep, it is still good, even though it is left over from last week!), poured a little extra vinegar in and then added some of the Chipotle Lime Mayo that I love and mixed it well to cover all the greens. Then I dumped the mix into my bowl, topped it with a serving of the sirloin roast (which I’d warmed) and the remainder of that tomato that I’d sliced for my lunch plate. This meal was delicious and filling! Where are the macros in this meal? Protein: Sirloin Roast; Fat: Sirloin Roast and Mayo; Carbohydrates: Greens, veggies, tomato & I had a half Kombucha with it as well.


Water & Other Beverages:

Frequently I have people tell me they are having difficulty drinking enough water during the day. Here are a couple of ideas that may make your water more appealing. Every morning I pour 3 quart mason jars full of water. When those are empty, I know I’ve met my goal for the day. Sometimes I infuse a jar of water with flavors. How? One of my favorites is to add a slice of orange and a slice of lemon. Another favorite is a couple of slices of cucumber and some fresh mint. A slice of watermelon works, and you can add mint to that as well. How about blueberries and a couple of strawberries—or apple and mint? The possibilities are limitless. Sometimes I’ll add a drop or two of essential oil, such as lemon or grapefruit essential oil. (I always use YoungLiving Essential Oils, because I know their quality is the best and those oils are food grade). Note: Not ALL oils should be consumed orally, so stick to the ones you know—like lemon & grapefruit—until you do a little research. Herbal teas are also good. In the photo to with this post, I made a cup of tea with Yogi Perfect Energy Tea and Celestial Seasonings Black Cherry Tea (yes, a bag of each); after the tea had steeped I added ice cubes and a slice each of lemon and lime. LaCroix Naturally flavored soda water counts, as does other soda water (so long as it is Naturally flavored), too. I’m enjoying 1/2 bottle of kombucha on occasion. Remember to read your labels. The brand I drink has no added sweeteners, but some varieties have a little bit of fruit juice.

Evening Meal

This is becoming a ritual. 😉  I love these all-natural, No B.S. Rx Bars. I had a blueberry RX Bar and a warm cup of hot beef bone broth to settle in for the night. It seems like I’m always ready to wind down by this time, which with my current schedule, makes my last meal of the day a couple of hours before I head to bed. I’m never really wanting anything very heavy. It feels like a decadent and delicious treat for a job well done during the day. How was my bone broth? I added a little ground thyme and Cajun seasoning (with cayenne) to it and it felt nourishing. Remember, bone broth has great nutritional and health benefits, and is just perfect for my healing joints!


I hope my posts are helping you prepare for your own personal 90 Day Challenge, and these meal ideas and tips are helpful. It’s hard to believe I’m already 10 days into the program! This afternoon I have an appointment with someone to help me set up the resources so that I can make this program available to everyone. I hope you’ll join. If you want to be sure you don’t miss it, please fill out the form below.



Kay Rice, M.Ed. Wellness & Lifestyle Coach, Vedic Educator, Consultant, Author & Free Spirited Adventurer
Quick & Easy Meals on the Fly & Week 1 Results

Quick & Easy Meals on the Fly & Week 1 Results

Coffee With Kay:

Day 8: It’s time for a weekly re-cap and progress report. I’ve finished Week 1 and this is the first day of Week 2. This morning I woke up, recorded my weight and took some time over coffee to reflect on the first week if my 90 Day Challenge. Here are my thoughts:

What went Right? I stuck to the plan: no grains, no legumes, no dairy, no sugar, no sugar or sweeteners and no artificial additives. I ate at the right intervals, every 3-4 hours during the day & included all three macro-nutrients (Protein, Carbohydrate & Fat) at each meal. I met my goals for water each day and took a liquid multi-vitamin every morning. I tried quite a few new foods, found a coffee creamer that I like and I’m really happy that I am still enjoying my morning coffee ritual (even without honey and half and half). I’m feeling good; cravings have virtually stopped. I admit I really wanted a glass of wine on Friday evening, but that passed. A glass of Kombucha or flavored soda water seem to do just fine for now, and I know the pay-off will be well worth giving up my evening libation for a while. As far as leaving out those previously mentioned food groups, I have found that I’m eating a much bigger variety of vegetables and fruits, and enjoying my meals more than before. Actually, I think I was sort of bored with my old eating plan, and this has encouraged me to try new things. I’ve actually had fun trying new foods, and I’m definitely eating better than I was before. Part of this is just plain “self-care”. I hadn’t been taking the time to prepare meals for myself—and frankly, I’m still not spending a lot of time on meal prep. These meals are easy! In addition, I got a deep tissue massage and got some acupuncture to help my body heal. Reading every single label in my kitchen was a great exercise for me—it created a lot of awareness around all the things that have been in my food, even though I try to eat healthy and buy “natural” and “organic” whenever I can. I’m feeling really good about eliminating some of those things, and also adding some much healthier alternatives.

What Went Wrong? Starting my 90 Day Challenge with a pretty bad knee injury was not what I’d anticipated. I couldn’t exercise during this week—frankly I could barely walk during the first few days. Having to be on Prednisone to help with inflammation, which stimulates appetite and tends to cause weight gain was another challenge. Last but not least, I didn’t sleep well most of last week, either from pain or from being wired due to the steroids. As you know, there are five components to this program: Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Water and Supplements. I nailed 3 out of 5, but Sleep and Exercise definitely were issues during the first week. During the later part of the week I felt sorta “meh” and was tired of being stuck in the house with no exercise, and also could have done a better job with my meals. I sort of ate out of my EFK (Emergency Food Kit) on Friday Night rather than eating a real meal.

How can I improve? This week it is time to gradually add in exercise without over-doing it—I don’t want a set back with my knee. In addition to walking, I can do some upper body work. My goals for this week are: Walk at least 20-30 minutes each day, do some core & resistance training at least 4 days per week, do some yoga every day (at least 15 minutes) and 2 Restorative Yoga Classes during the week. Today I did a couple of sets of upper body exercises with some light weights. I walked twice. I resolved over the weekend to get a little more creative with my food preparations, and also to put together a more solid plan for an EFK “Emergency Food Kit”, for eating on the run or travel.

Results? Okay, I don’t want anybody following this challenge to get stuck on numbers, and especially not on the scale; nor do I want you to compare your results to those of anyone else (including mine). Results will vary widely depending on your body, your dieting history and your health history. This isn’t a race. Sustainable results and positive lifestyle habits are most important—that and creating awareness around food and learning what works for your body. Also, I want to remind everyone that we don’t just want to lose weight, what we really want is to lose body fat and maintain or increase lean body mass, or muscle. There are many other ways to measure results. How are you feeling? What is your energy level? Are you having less cravings? Feeling ready to eat when it is time to eat? It was almost difficult for me to answer those questions due to lack of sleep, which will affect cravings and water retention, being on the steroid, and in pain, and I certainly wasn’t happy about being virtually house bound for the past two weeks. Frankly, all of that had me feeling pretty crappy at times. However, I’m feeling better & I’m hungry when I’m supposed to be (about every 4 hours; feeling satisfied but not stuffed after eating), and I’m not having cravings. I was very happy to jump on the scale this morning to find, in spite of last week’s challenges, I’d lost 3.5#—and my knee is much better—considering my limited activity this was a real “win” for my first week!

Breakfast Ideas:

Spicy Italian Chicken Sausage ‘n’ Scrambled Eggs with Cantaloupe. This Spicy Italian Sausage is from Trader Joe’s. It comes fully cooked in large links. I removed the casing from one link and crumbled it into my skillet this morning and then added 1 whole egg and an egg white. Served with a side of cantaloupe.

Where are the macros in this meal?

Protein: Spicy Italian Sausage & Egg Whites; Fat: Spicy Italian Sausage & Egg Yolk; Carbohydrate: Cantaloupe


EFStash Meal:

A call from a friend to come help them with an outdoor project had me reaching for my Emergency Food Stash. It was likely that I’d be out past the time for my next meal and I wanted to be prepared in case that happened. I also wanted to be prepared in case my friend offered to buy lunch which he frequently does when we are working together—only a hand cut (fried) port chop sandwich from the local place, or hot wings from the ‘Get’n’Zip’ was NOT going to be on my menu for today. So I packed an EFStash, and even took some extra in case I needed to share. I figured an Epic Bison Bar and a boiled egg would be close enough to ‘man food’ that it wouldn’t offend my buddy, and I took along an apple to go with it, and he may even want to try some. As I tossed my zip lock bag of food in the truck and explained that if his project took until lunch, I’d need to eat this food, and I had enough to share, he commented, “Oh yeah, you’re doing that food thing now.”

As it turned out I got home in time to eat a regular lunch so I put the EFStash things away … it made me think: I need to ALREADY have some of these bags packed and ready to go. And I should have some items in my purse and in my car!

Salmon with Asparagus & Potatoes

Since I got home in time to have some “real food” (just kidding, my EFK Stash is made from 100% REAL food) I had this left over salmon & asparagus with white potatoes. This was the second Salmon Packet I cooked on Saturday.

Creole Seasoned Chicken

I had two chicken legs (thighs & drumsticks) left from the chicken I roasted two days ago. I decided to make a chicken skillet recipe with them. What went in the pan? I diced & sauteed 1/2 bell pepper, 1/2 onion, 2 t. garlic paste, and a container of pre-washed mushrooms in the skillet then I added salt, pepper & Lucille’s Creole Original Seasoning to taste. Then I put the cooked chicken legs in the concoction, and topped them with about 12 sliced green olives. I covered the pan to let the chicken warm through and the flavors to blend. After a few minutes turned the heat off so they could sit until I was ready to eat.

Where are the Macro-Nutrients in this meal? Protein: Chicken; Fat: Olive Oil, Olives and dark chicken meat; Carbohydrates: Tomatoes, onion, bell pepper, & a glass of Kombucha!

I love these RxBars!

Just a few short years ago, when I needed a meal replacement I reached for a protein bar, meal replacement shake, or made a shake with protein powder and added some fruit and almond butter. None of those options satisfied me as much as “real food”, and they were all loaded with whey protein (dairy), artificial sweeteners, and other additives that weren’t really great. At best, I considered them a “medium” quality meal. Still, they were great to have on-hand for emergencies, long meetings and travel. I just recently found these RX Bars, and I am so happy I did. Real food, no additives and down right delicious! I LOVE that the whole ingredients are listed in great big letters on the front of the bar! Packing 210 calories each, they get their protein from 3 egg whites (12 g), fats from the nuts, and the sweetness from dates, and the other whole ingredients are to add to the flavoring and variety. Granted, I’d like a LITTLE more protein, and if I want to (like tonight), I can add to it by eating the whites of a couple of boiled eggs (about 30 additional calories and 8 additional grams of protein). In addition to being a great thing to have in your EFStash (Emergency Food Stash), they are sweet enough to satisfy that craving for a little something sweet, and no too filling that I get at the end of the day. As you see, I like to cut mine into bite-sized pieces and eat each morsel like a piece of candy! This and a cup of tea in the evening make me feel “indulged”.

To recap some of the awesome things I discovered this week:





All of these items are available from Barefoot Provisions, where you can get free shipping on orders over $99. 

Please post any comments, questions or feedback you have below. I really do love hearing from you!



Kay Rice, M.Ed. Wellness & Lifestyle Coach, Vedic Educator, Consultant, Author & Free Spirited Adventurer


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