Are You Giving Away Your Energy?

Are You Giving Away Your Energy?

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You Can Build Your Dream,

Or Someone Will Hire You

To Help Build Theirs.


-Somebody Smart-

Are you giving away your energy in a way that is unproductive or unhealthy?

How many of you can relate?

Just a few years ago someone told me, “If you’d spend just one tenth of the time and energy you spend on other people on your own life, you would be a millionaire.” I’m ready to test that theory.

At times, a wonderful distraction from ourselves and our own life and problems can be to become very involved in someone else’s projects, dilemmas and helping with their problems. I know I’ve been guilty, and it has been a repeating pattern in my life.  There are times this can be a good thing, and other times it isn’t healthy to ignore ourselves, our own lives, and possibly use the energy you should be using on your own life to “fix” a problem elsewhere.

I’m curious who else can relate to this, and what lessons have you learned?

I look forward to your comments.

Have a great day!



Thoughts are Things

Thoughts are Things

Thoughts are Things …. 

and they are powerful things at that … 

“I don’t allow my mind to think a thought without my permission.” ~Rama Berch

In the Introduction to his book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill begins by stating: “Truly, “thoughts are things,” and powerful things at that … “

It is important to bring to our awareness the power of our thoughts  and how they affect our lives. The vast majority put very consideration into their thoughts; in fact, thinking is often almost a mechanical process, and most people don’t realize they can choose their thoughts, much less have an awareness that their thoughts have consequences.

In teaching meditation, often students will say they are having difficulty because they are “having too many thoughts!” That is a huge ‘a-ha’ moment for them. Up until that moment they thought they WERE their thoughts. However, in the realization of “having too many thoughts” — comes the awareness that “someone” is having those thoughts. They are a being who is having thoughts.


The idea that “Thoughts are Things” was stated by another author, Yogi Ramacharaka, more than 30 years prior to Napoleon Hills Think and Grow Rich . In Fourteen Lessons in Yogic Philosophy, written in 1903-1904. He taught his students that “Thoughts are Things” and that this wasn’t meant in a figurative sense or a fanciful way, but that he was expressing a literal truth. Thoughts are as much of a “thing” as light, electricity, or similar forms of energy, and they have power just as do all of the aforementioned forms of energy. Thoughts can be felt by the sensitive, and can be seen by the psychic. When a thought is sent forth with strength, it usually carries with it a certain amount of Life Force Energy (Prana), which gives it additional power and strength, and can produce startling effects.

Quantum Physics recognizes the reality of this concept and has started to explain the science behind it. The referenced authors, among others of the “New Thought” philosophy in the early 1900’s were expressing what the mystics, the sages, widsom keepers, monks and masters have known and taught for thousands of years.

Fascinating? Yes! Stay tuned to learn MORE about thought dynamics and the rest of the formula … until then, you might want to pick up a copy of these books and read, if you are interested: 

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Self Care is Health Care

Self Care is Health Care

Take time for yourself. You are worth it.

Western medicine focuses on care once disease has already happened in the body. The holistic approach focuses on the whole person, nurturing the body and the mind in a way that supports natural health and healing. This may prevent disease, or support your body in healing once an injury or disease has occurred.

Often times one may feel self-indulgent or extravagent when investing in integrative techniques such as massage, accupuncture, aeromatherapy, sound healing or other modalities. All of these modalities can support health and healing. Meditation, yoga, or time in nature can support our body’s ability to stay healthy and to heal as well. Sometimes it isn’t the cost, but the time that we don’t give ourselves. Something as simple and inexpensive as an epsom salt bath or taking time to read an inspirational book or quote (like this post), or even just a few cleansing breathes can promote healing and self-care.

Don’t under-estimate the importance or the value of investing in and taking time for self-care. It can be the investment that provides the biggest return you will ever receive in your life.

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Dream Big Dreams

Dream Big Dreams

Dream Big Dreams

Have you done your “Create Your Dream Life” exercise? I did mine, and as agreed in my Mastermind Group of coaches, I shared it with them. Guess what feedback I got? 

I got feedback from a fellow coach, and then I got another nudge from within, that I had NOT set my intentions and goals high enough. Everything sounded pretty ordinary, and I was encouraged that if I set my sights a little higher I could achieve something even better, something EXTRAORDINARY, and that I would have more passion and excitement about it. Passion and excitement create more ENERGY, and more movement which increases the odds of creating a positive outcome or result. 

It’s amazing the results you can get when you put an intention out into the universe and it sets unseen forces into motion. I have heard the regret of quite a few folks who said, having achieved their dreams, that they now realize they should have set their intentions even higher … 

So I noted that, and I’m going to share this challenge with you as well. If you didn’t already, you can download your “Create Your Dream Life” exercise below. If you want to create an even bigger and even better BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal), then click on the button below and download your “Dream Big Dreams” worksheet. Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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Bring on 2020!

Bring on 2020!

And so the Adventure begins!

“Traveling on a Familiar Path Has No Guarantees” ~ Somebody Smart

Are you ready for what is to come in your new year? Are you ready to embrace the uncertainty of the coming year with curiosity and a spirit of adventure? I hope so, because ready or not the adventure of the new year has begun! Life is a grand adventure and if you approach it that way it is a lot more fun!

Have you taken some time … and if you haven’t, that’s okay … you can do it now …

Have you taken some time to reflect on the following questions? Even better, have you taken time to write these things down (in your journal!) along with the answers?

  1. Over the past year, what were my successes? What am I proud of, and what moments were memorable?
  2. What things do I wish I had done differently, or would I like to improve?
  3. Are there any things that I choose not to carry forward with me into the new year? (This can be physical or material, emotional or spiritual).
  4. What outcomes would I like to create in the coming year? WHY are they important?

If you haven’t already downloaded a copy of the “Create Your Dream Life Toolkit”, now might be a really great time to do that!

And if you don’t already have a fresh journal for this year, here’s the one I picked out to use myself:

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Want more Wealth and Abundance?

Want more Wealth and Abundance?


Affirmations work when used correctly and consistently. Try feeling the feelings of having money come to you in large and increasing quantities on a continuous basis. Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich, speaks of the power of affirmations:

“Back of this formula is a law of Nature which no man has been able to explain. It has baffled the scientists of all ages. The psychologists have named this law “auto-suggestion” and let it go at that.”

Feel it and believe it is true. Then take some action steps toward making it happen. For example:

  • Read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill or The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles
  • Write out what acts of service you will perform in return for receiving the amount of money you intend to manifest. This is your definite chief aim, or purpose, in life. Once you have written it down, read it every single day until it has been made manifest in your life. Don’t just read it, feel what it feels like to have already accomplished it, visualize what it will be like to do, be and have the life you will have when you have achieved your goal. Imagine who you will have become in order to achieve this goal.


Use this check from the Bank of Universal Abundance to manifest additional income from the Universe. Fill it out completely and place it somewhere you will see it daily, such as your vision board, in your journal or on a dresser or bathroom mirror.

I know of a couple of famous people who used this exact exercise to manifest financial abundance into their lives. Jim Carrey wrote himself a check one-million dollars ($1,000,000) which he carried in his wallet for several years. He scored a one-million dollar deal for a movie just before the date of his check.

Jack Canfield, one of the authors of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series, and my favorite book by him is The Success Principles, also used this exercise. He wrote a large check to himself and put it on the ceiling over his bed. It worked!

Bank of Universal Abundance                                                                                                                                                        Check # 1111
Prosperity and Gratitude                                                                                                                           Date: ________________


PAY TO THE ORDER OF ____________________________________________________________________________________DOLLARS $ ______________



MEMO _________________________________________                                                             SIGNED ___________________________________________

KayRice.com, Gratitude/Vision Board Item

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