Case Study Program

Case Study Program

90-Day Turn-Around Case Study

GOAL: To achieve Optimal Wellness & Implement Strategies to support Self-Care and Optimal Wellness for the rest of your life!

Many of you have told me that you would like to lose weight &/or maintain a healthy weight, I have listened and heard that you want more. You want optimal health, increased energy, vital energy, consistent energy through the day. You want the tools to deal with and manage  stress. Not only that you realize the importance of your mindset in managing and achieving results, staying on track, to make healthy lifestyle choices which will slow or reverse the aging process. And last but not least, you want to connect to your body’s Inner Wisdom and awaken your Inner Healer — Guess What? You are on the right track.  

“Well being begins when we sleep deeply, eat food that nourishes, move our bodies, practice meditation, love ourselves and those around us, live with nature and truly understand how to create our collective reality.”

Deepak Chopra

  •  Simple, Easy, Do-able …
  •  WHAT Results can you expect?
  •  More Energy
  •  Less Stress
  •  Stay Calm in the Midst of Chaos
  •  Identify and handle or release stressers &/or toxins from your life. 

Monks, Mystics, Masters & Millionaires

have all used these simple strategies & practices

for thousands of years

to achieve or create whatever they want in life.

  • Morning Rituals: Meditation, Inspiration, Visualization, Gratitude, Exercise
  • De-tox & Cleanse using Ayurvedic practices that Nourish you rather than deprive you. Cleanse, Reset and Re-Ignite your body’s digestive fire.
  • Healthy Eating – Find out what is best for you, your body type and identify any trigger foods (foods you may be sensitive to & causing you discomfort).
  • Self-Care Rituals – Nourish your Mind, Body & Spirit

These are secrets of Ancient Wisdom that have been forgotten or hidden from us in the modern-day world. They key to living a meaningful life, a life with purpose and fulfillment is in understanding and accessing these Secrets of Ancient Wisdom, which are available to us all!

Access to that which seems miraculous and magical is a force that is available to us all. We just need to become aware and remove the  obstacles. Life does NOT have to be mundane, stressful, unhappy—we can heal on all levels and create a life that is magical and creates happiness, not just for ourselves but for others.

Not long ago my son, who had been watching YouTube videos on Quantum Physics and Spirituality, said to me, “Mom, if these things are true, we can use them to HACK the Universe!” My response to him was, “Yes, and why don’t you use them to HACK your own life and see what happens?” 

This is my invitation to you as well … for the next 90 days …
implement these strategies consistently and authentically. See what happens …


Weekly Zoom Calls so that you can get live intractive instructions and support.

Get Instant Access to the Private Facebook Group so that you can ask questions, get support and be instpired by like minded people who are on the same journey as you.

Get 1:1 Instruction from me (3 Private Coaching Calls) so that you are held accountable and reach your goals even faster.

Weekly Recorded Videos – delivered via email or in our Secret FB Group-These videos will be short – under 20 Minutes. Topics:

Weekly downloadable PDFs so that you can track your progress, have your baseline assessment, goal setting tools and printable weekly instructions.

Wheel of Life, Focus & Motivation, 90-Day & 1 Year Goals, Identify what is working and what isn’t working.

Find out Your Dosha (mind-body type) so that you can keep your mind-body in balance through stressful situations and seasonal changes.

Learn How to Meditate

Morning Rituals: What to include & why it is important. (Meditation, Exercise, Breathing, Affirmations, Visualization, Inspiration, Gratitude).

Set Expectations for the Coming Week and how to prepare.

PHASE 1: Reflect – Relax – Release – Restore

Week 1: Will do some exercises to establish our baseline,
our goals, make sure you have the right Mindset and MOTIVATION to follow
through with the program. We are all in this together and you will receive a
lot of support, and the process will be FUN!

  • Learn about your specific Mind-Body type (Dosha)
  • Reflect on each area of your life, where you are and where you would like to be.
  • Understand your Motivation – what you would like to achieve
  • Prepare for week 2 by beginning to eliminate foods that are not supporting your health & stock up on the healthy items
    you will be using during week 2 as we implement—you will be given instructions, shopping lists, and journal for tracking your progress.
  • NOTE: During the first 4-6 weeks we will be eliminating all sugar, processed foods, dairy, soy, most grains, alcohol and caffeine.
    Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of good clean, nourishing foods and won’t ever feel like you are starving!
  • Make a commitment to your Morning Rituals for the next 30 days … Meditate, Gratitude, Exercise, Affirmations &
    Visualization of your goals, Reading, Reflection … your Journal will have a space to help you keep track of these things, too.
  • You’ll get a “Getting Started” check list, shopping guide, links to information & videos, and of course you’ll be in the Facebook
    Group where you can always reach out and ask a question.
  • Prior to Week 2, I will make myself available for a one on one consult to help with goal setting, discuss any special
    physical or health concerns you may have in implementing this program, or answer any questions you may have of a personal nature. This call will take place on Zoom.


PHASE 2: Ignite!

Weeks 2 – 6 

Week 2: Here we go! During Week One, you identified and began eliminating the things that are not supporting your health, that are causing you stress, or may be toxic rather than nurturing to your body-mind. 

  • We will do an Ayurvedic cleanse, known as Panchakarma. It nourishes rather than deprives and is balancing to all constitutions (all the mind-body types). It is simple to follow, uses inexpensive real foods and spices, is anti-inflammatory. It can be slightly modified to accommodate individual
    needs, preferences for tastes, etc.
  • There will be a commitment to Morning Rituals during this phase through week 6, after which time you can modify and decide whether to keep these practices as a part of your lifestyle.
  • Create awareness around the use of your electronics – limit time on social media, phone & TV outside of the time necessary to use them for necessary work purposes.
  • Acts of kindness: Find one act of kindness you can do each day. This may be something as small as taking an extra grocery cart into the store, giving a store clerk eye contact and a smile or a kind word, putting the newspaper where it is more easily accessible for an elderly neighbor, or paying the toll for the car behind you. It doesn’t matter the size, just that you perform an act of kindness every day and do it with awareness.

 Week 3-6

*Continue with Morning Rituals, daily acts of kindness.



  • In addition to the weekly Zoom Call, we will schedule a one-on-one coaching call to check in with your progress and address
    any individual needs going forward.
  • Clean eating: A nutrition plan will be provided and can be customized based on the individual’s food preferences … we will
    continue to avoid sugar, most grains, most dairy, soy and alcohol during this phase. We will favor local, seasonal and organic fruits and vegetables and lean
    meat from animals that were grass fed &/or cage free and not given anti-biotics or hormones.
  • We will continue to work on self-care, doing things that nourish our body-mind, and releasing or eliminating the things that do not support us or cause us stress. This includes not just what we eat, but our emotions, habits, things that may clutter our space, old stories and patterns.
  • If you need to lose weight you will if you adhere to the program.
  • Exercise intensity and duration will be reconsidered during this time. No long bouts of cardio will be required.


PHASE 3: Create

Weeks 7-12

  • We will continue a commitment the Morning
    Rituals that you have chosen for the duration of the program.
  • During this phase, each individual can continue with
    the nutrition plan they received during phase 2, or you can gradually begin
    re-introducing food groups one at a time. This is to identify any foods that
    may have been cause you symptoms due to sensitivities, and had not recognized
    it previously.
  • By this time, you will have noticed changes in
    your body-mind and will likely choose to keep practicing your morning rituals
    and eating in a way that is much more nourishing to your body, supports optimal
    energy, health and over-all well-being.
  • I have found that a 30-day program is a “good
    start” but not long enough for most people to achieve life-long goals and permanent
    new habits. Having support for a full 90 days, especially with the group, each
    person is likely to face a challenge in adhering to their program. Travel, some
    life event, or other unexpected experience is likely to come up that may throw
    you off track, or at least make it challenging to stay on-track. Therefore, I
    want each person to have this support and accountability for a full 90 days. If,
    for some reason, during the program you do get off track, there is no guilt, no
    judgement because we will all fall of track at one time or the other. What is
    important is, if you do get off-track, how quickly you can get back on.

PHASE 4—Week 12: Elevate & Evaluate

  • This week you will evaluate your results, commit
    to new goals, and by now you will likely say what many of my clients have said
    before: “This isn’t a diet! This is a lifestyle!!!”
  • There will be a final one-on-one coaching call
    at the end of the program.
  • I will leave the Facebook Group up until, at
    least until the end of the year so you will have access to all resources and
    group support. You will continue to be able to contact me through the group. ?
    This means you will have group support through the Holidays!!
  • I’ll be asking each of you for a testimonial!


None of these outcomes are guaranteed
since each program will be individualized and dependent on your current health,
dieting history, needs and goals. However, I believe if you follow the plan you
will get some very wonderful outcomes, as well as some you might not have even

  • Improved energy
  • Improved clear thinking and focus
  • Notice your desires being fulfilled more easily
  • Reduced cravings
  • Reduced weight and close fitting more loosely
  • Feel & look leaner in the mirror
  • Improved body composition
  • Synchronistic events pop up more frequently in
    your life to fulfill your desires
  • More awareness of the messages in your body,
    your environment and your emotions
  • Increased Intuition and Creativity
  • Happier and More Relaxed as you go about your
    daily life
  • More awareness about how your thoughts and
    actions create your life.
  • Less reactive and more responsive to life’s
  • See and understand how you are really dreaming
    the life you have and can dream the life you want into existence.
  • Identify things in your life that may be holding
    you back from achieving your desires.
  • Remember who you really are at the core of your
  • Renew or remember your connection with nature.
  • Have a sense of well-being and connection with
    the Universe
  • More compassion towards others
  • More caring and awareness about how your daily choices
    affect not only you and your health, but others, and ultimately our entire
  • Eliminate the things that are toxic in your
    life—in your body, in your relationships, in your habits, in your environment.
  • Awaken and learn the skills to tap into your “Personal
    Power” and the realization that you are a powerful creator being … and the
    world is waiting for you to love and care for yourself and is hungry for your
    medicine and your gifts that only you can bring.


In Summary, what you will receive …

  •  3 One-On-One Coaching calls – 30 Minutes each …
  • Ayurvedic Cleansing Program
  • Nutrition plan, customized to your needs &
    food preferences
  • Learn how to Meditate
  • Learn your Mind-Body Type (Dosha type)
  • Weekly LIVE Zoom Calls
  • Short videos to motivate & instruct you in
    the Facbook Group
  • Access to group support & support from Kay
    in a Private Facebook Group
  • Worksheets for self-assessments, goals
  • Journal to track and record your progress,
    morning rituals, nutrition & exercise & other self-care rituals and

What you can Expect … 

 one of these outcomes are guaranteed since each program will be individualized and dependent on your current health, dieting history, needs and goals. If you follow the plan you will get some very wonderful outcomes, as well as some you might not have even expected.

  • Improved energy
  • Improved clear thinking and focus
  • Notice your desires being fulfilled more easily
  • Reduced cravings
  • Reduced weight and close fitting more loosely
  • Feel & look leaner in the mirror
  • Improved body composition
  • Synchronistic events pop up more frequently in your life to fulfill your desires
  • More awareness of the messages in your body, your environment and your emotions
  • Increased Intuition and Creativity
  • Happier and More Relaxed as you go about your daily life
  • More awareness about how your thoughts and actions create your life.
  • Less reactive and more responsive to life’s circumstances.
  • See and understand how you are really dreaming the life you have and can dream the life you want into existence.
  • Identify things in your life that may be holding you back from achieving your desires.
  • Remember who you really are at the core of your being.
  • Renew or remember your connection with nature.
  • Have a sense of well-being and connection with the Universe
  • More compassion towards others
  • More caring and awareness about how your daily choices affect not only you and your health, but others, and ultimately our entire
  • Eliminate the things that are toxic in your life—in your body, in your relationships, in your habits, in your environment.
  • Awaken and learn the skills to tap into your “Personal Power” and the realization that you are a powerful creator being … and the
    world is waiting for you to love and care for yourself and is hungry for your gifts that only you can bring.


$1,495 (Single Payment) – The first ones to apply, commit & make payment will be in the case study. Payment options are available.

 Payments will be made through PayPal. 

Note: This will be a small group who will get a very high-touch, hands-on experience because it is a case study. Next year, I am planning a larger, year long program … Those who participate in the case study will be able to sign up at a significant discount — full price minus the amount you paid to be in the case study. Those who did not get into the Case Study Program because it was full will also get a discount off the 2020 Year-long program. Openings are limited to a maximum of 7. Program will begin in August, start date to be announced.  

90-Day Turn-Around

90-Day Turn-Around

What if … 90 Days from now Your Whole Life Could be Different?

What if that is true? What if, today, you decided there is some area of your life where you are ready to make a change. What if, in 90-Days, you could make a shift so your life is completely different? I’m here to tell you, you can accomplish quite a lot in 90-Days. Not only that, if you know the right steps to take, and the right order, you can accomplish big things without having to do anything crazy — like run 12 miles in a day — or starve yourself to death. What if, in 90-Days you could turn your health around and achieve optimal health for you, achieve a greater level of happiness, lose that weight you’ve wanted to lose, be more fit, more focused, less stressed and most of all a happier, more fulfilled & healthier human being. What would that look like for you?

Do you ever get “nudges”?

Do you ever get what I call “nudges” or “taps”? I do. Sometimes it is a matter of something coming to me by words I may hear in my head, other times it is some event or idea that keeps coming up. For example, if I hear of an interesting book three times within a few days, I generally go check that book out and it may be something I should read. Or if a place keeps popping up, perhaps I should go visit.

I’ve been getting some “nudges” to create a program that combines the ancient wisdom teachings of Ayurveda with a what I learned as a Nutrition & Wellness Coach, along with some simple daily practices that can drastically improve your life. These daily practices are used by highly successful people. Some of the practices are used by individuals in various spiritual traditions. This program will address Mind-Body & Spirit.

Case Study Group

Right now, I’m preparing this program and will implement a “Case Study” Group by the end of July. I only have FIVE spots open in the group, so if you are please let me know. You can message me on Facebook (the Case Study Group will have a Secret Page there), or send me an email by filling out the contact form. There will be a greatly discounted price for the Case Study Program. I’m doing this for two reasons. First, it is a case study, so I may make some adjustments along the way based on feedback and results. Second, the reason I’m doing the case study is to get testimonials for when I launch the full program. Last, I’m only allowing FIVE people in the Case Study Program because I want to give you VERY individualized attention to ensure your results and success. Please don’t sign up unless you are willing to commit to the program and want real results.

Here’s what you will learn:

Phase 1: Reflect – Weeks 1-4

Reflect, Realize & Reset: Evaluate where you are right now and what optimal health means to you. We will understand and take responsibility for our choices, feelings, thoughts and behaviors. Then we will do some activities and exercises to improve Self-Awareness, Self-Realization, and Self-Understanding. Weeks 1 & 2 will cover mindset & preparation.

  • Mindset: Evaluate where you are today, where you would like to be, and create a plan to get there.
  • Prepare to implement the plan
  • Find out what your Mind-Body Type is and how that affects you in Mind-Body & Spirit.
  • Learn to Meditate
  • Exercise in a way that enhances health for you
  • Daily Practices: Meditation, Journal Writing, Gratitude
  • Nutrition Plan will incorporate Ayurvedic principles to reduce inflammation, detoxify & re-ignite your digestive fire.

Phase 2: Illuminate – Weeks 5-8

Illuminate, Initiate, Ignite: During this phase we will implement our plan. It will be a time to inquire, identify, imagine, inspire and internally integrate values, principles and standards with what matters in life.

  • Use your Journal to record daily practices, nutrition & exercise
  • Create a personalized nutrition and exercise plan that works for you and your goals.
  • You will continue to get support and learn new things to help you toward your goals …

Phase 3: Create – Weeks 9-12

During this phase we will clarify and create a new plan, with new habits that support you and can be sustained for a lifetime. These will be new lifestyle habits that you will want to continue.

Phase 4: Elevate & Evaluate – Week 12

In this final phase we will evaluate your progress and improvement. You will elevate to the next level in optimal health, happiness & self-actualization.

Trader Joe’s Shopping

Trader Joe’s Shopping

I love Trader Joe’s! The nearest one is an hour away so when I go I stock up! A picture is worth 1,000 words, so I headed over to take some photos of some of the foods that I stock up on. Everything listed below is grain, legume, dairy, sugar & artificial additive free. That means no peanuts, no soy or soybeans, no gluten, and no sneaky sugars! Some folks ask, well if you are going to cut all of that out, what’s left? As you will see there is plenty!

Download the pdf version of my Trader Joe’s Shopping Guide Here

Produce Department

Trader Joe’s has so many delicious options in their produce department that are not typically available in my traditional grocery store. The variety of organic produce is always great, and if you need some time saving prepared veggies they are available! Here are a few examples. Certainly there are more options and they will vary from season to season and store to store. Yesterday I picked up some of the Kohlrabi Salad Blend (which is new), Peeled Garlic, ORGANIC Sweet Potatoes (I brought home TWO bags of those!), a bag of potato medley, and if you hate dicing vegetables for salads and recipes grab a container of the Healthy 8 Vegetable Mix. This list is certainly not exhaustive! I regularly pick up a bag of avocados from this department and local tomatoes, lemons, oranges, and seasonal fruits and vegetables.













Prepared Food: Meats & More

Of course prepared meats may cost a little more than if you cook everything yourself. However, I find that it is a great thing to have some of these on hand for meals in a hurry or when I just don’t want to cook something. One of my “new favorites” is the Spicy Italian Chicken Sausage. It is rare to find sausage that has no sugar. This sausage is already cooked. I like to remove the casing and crumble it into a skillet with egg and let it heat as the egg cooks. Fast and delicious breakfast! I’ve tried ALL of these, and have most of them in my refrigerator right now! That Sauerkraut is the best, and I enjoy it with the Applegate Organic Beef Hot Dogs.









I pick up Raw California Walnut Pieces, Pecan Pieces, Hazelnuts, Raw Almonds &/or Almond Slivers, Pinenuts, Whatever you need they have it. I generally purchase walnut and pecan pieces (rather than halves) because they are less expensive, and most likely I’m going to chop them, anyway. You’ll also find some packages of snack sized portions of nuts, such as raw almonds. Remember, on the first 30 Days of our challenge, no peanuts (they are actually a legume and not a nut, anyway).




Dried Fruits:

You’ll find about the largest assortment of dried fruit at Trader Joe’s that you will find anywhere. I like to keep stocked up on dried cranberries, berry blend, and I just picked up the Dried Berry Medley for the first time to try. These dried fruits make a delightful addition to all salads, but also chicken salad in particular. If you want to make your own trail mix, you can do it with an assortment of dried fruit, coconut flakes and nuts from TJ’s. Remember when you are purchasing dried fruits to check the nutrition labels. Some dried fruits will have added sugars. Fruit juice is okay as a sweetener, but during your first 30 days on this plan, our goal is to eliminate ALL added sugars and sweeteners.




Pantry Items:

Here’s where I really stock up when I go to TJ’s, especially since it’s an hour away and generally I don’t go but once every 4-6 weeks. Not pictured here is TJ’s Marinara Sauce. There are only a few that do not have sugar in them. The last time I went, the only one I could find with no sugar was the Marinara Sauce sold in the green can. I’ve seen a couple of others with no sugar, but they weren’t available at either the store in Georgia nor the one in Virginia when I shopped recently. Always read the labels to be sure! I shop for coconut oil, ghee, olive oil & avocado oil at TJ’s. They have a variety of sugar & additive free salsas which I use in recipes rather than on chips. TJ’s Fire Roasted diced tomatoes and their tomato paste in a tube are items I keep in my pantry all the time. For my emergency food stash I picked up cashew cookie Larabars, single serving pouches of olives and some Sacha Inchi Seeds, a super-food I discovered when I was living in Peru. Organic Coconut Amino’s are a great gluten, soy and sugar free alternative to soy sauce. I also keep almond & coconut flour on hand.







Frozen Meats


I can find some of the best frozen meats & seafood in TJ’s frozen department. From organic chicken breasts, grass fed angus beef, fresh caught tuna & salmon to a variety of perfectly portioned burgers.







Frozen Fruits & Vegetables:

I always pick up an assortment of fruits & vegetables in the frozen section. They have the best variety of frozen organic fruits and vegetables I’ve seen anywhere, and at good prices. I didn’t picture everything here, for sure! In addition to what is below I always pick up a several bags of frozen organic chopped spinach, broccoli, Brussels Sprouts and whatever else catches my eye. I can find mashed sweet potatoes all the time at the TJ’s in Georgia, but here in Virginia I am told it is seasonal. Also, I know they have frozen Hatch Valley Chilies at some stores, but not at the one where I shopped today.





Cut flowers are food for my soul and I love having them in my home. Flavored soda waters are great to have on hand, for something fresh and sparkly, and I generally pick up some Kombucha when I’m at TJ’s since it is about 30 cents a bottle less expensive here. Sun dried tomatoes are another item nice to have on hand for salads and recipes.


Steamed Clams!

Steamed Clams!

Coffee With Kay

Day 18: This was a day spent at the library so I could have better internet access for conference calls and other on-line work. I’m having some frustrations with my website and the current theme I’m running and it has prevented me from sharing my 90 Day Challenge resources quite yet. I had thought I would have it up by now—however, such is life, and I still plan to have it up in time to do a fall challenge. That means 90 Days to get in your best shape ever before the holidays … and then some follow up for strategies to use during the holidays!


Easy breakfast, my favorite sugar free sausage recipe combined with scrambled eggs on the side. Yep, I like mustard on my sausage, so that is what you see slathered on top. Still regretting not shopping for much fresh fruit this past weekend, I grabbed a pear from the refrigerator and that was my carbohydrate for this meal.

Where are the Macro Nutrients in this meal: Protein: Sausage Patty and Egg Whites; Fat: One whole egg yolk & sausage; Carbohydrate: Fresh Pear


Meal Idea:

Lunch was in a hurry between phone calls, and I grabbed one of those servings from my Yellow Squash Frittata, heated it in the microwave, and there was a complete lunch.

Where are the Macro Nutrients? Protein: Egg Whites, 4 in each serving; Fat: Egg Yolk (one per serving) and a little bit of ghee that was used to saute the vegetables; Carbohydrates: All those veggies! Yellow squash, onions and some diced potatoes (about 1/4 cup diced potatoes per serving, along with a gracious plenty squash & onion).


Meal Idea:

Technically, this meal wasn’t balanced and I didn’t have all the macro-nutrients at this meal. Clams are basically just protein, and I didn’t dip them in butter (which I could have to add fat). This is sort of a traditional meal around here, and a local brought me a dozen clams from the bushel he dug for over the weekend. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity for this delicious delicacy. So I steamed them on the grill on my back porch and had a bowl full, dipping each little clam in just a bit of Old Bay Seasoning, just like the locals showed me how to do!

Stay tuned … I hear the crab pots are out, and some of the crabs that are being hauled in are big beautiful ones. If I’m lucky, like I was last year, I just might get a few steamed crabs brought to me. After learning how to pick the meat from them, and learning what goes into clamming, crabbing & oystering, I have a new appreciation for those foods and the cost! It’s no wonder that REAL crab meat costs what it does. Getting the meat out of those little buggers is a challenge. (I think I need more practice. 😉 ) The meat is delicious!


Kay Rice, M.Ed. Wellness & Lifestyle Coach, Vedic Educator, Consultant, Author & Free Spirited Adventurer


Quick and Easy Meal Ideas

Quick and Easy Meal Ideas

Coffee with Kay

Day 17: I realized that I’m really missing my Sunday prep day this week. I don’t have as much foods prepared in advance and since I also missed shopping over the weekend, I didn’t plan as well as I normally do. Breakfast has been fairly easy, although I am missing having fresh fruit around the house. I’ll be sure to pick up another one of those delicious cantaloupes this weekend at the Farmer’s Market! However, it did encourage me to try a few new things. They say that necessity is the mother of invention, right? I am finding that I am trying a lot of new things and eating a larger diversity of nutritious foods. I’m sure that you will, too when you take on the 90 Day Challenge to put yourself, your health, and self-care your priority! I suggest you take the challenge to make this program a commitment, just as you would if you took on a part-time job for the next few weeks. I know most of you would show up every day and do what was required. Simple and easy steps, one meal and one day at a time!

Breakfast Ideas

Okay, I promised, and I will deliver some breakfast meal ideas that don’t include eggs. This one was easy and delicious. It kinda reminds me of fall, which is right around the corner. This is a 2 ounce sugar free sausage patty (click here for my sugar free sausage recipe.) and some sauteed diced apple & raisins with cinnamon. I saved half the apple recipe for later and ate half with my meal. If you need a little extra liquid, squeeze the juice from a slice of lemon or orange into the pan. After realizing how easy and delicious this is, I decided to head to the grocery store and pick up a few canned fruits packed in water. I found some unsweetened organic applesauce and pineapple tidbits. I discovered something, too! Along with all the fruits packed in syrup (with tons of added sugar), there are some packed in natural juices, and then some are now being packed with the added sweetener, Stevia. Hmmmm … I’m going to avoid those, too, and I suggest you do as well. It does seem that food manufacturers are paying attention to consumers who want healthier alternatives and products with less added sugars. When we “vote” by purchasing truly healthy food options with NO additives, then we will get more of those choices.


Again, meal prep day makes putting together a fast easy lunch a snap! I grabbed one of my little mason jars with chicken and mayo in it (already portioned out) and dumped it out on a bed of organic field greens with a chopped organic heirloom tomato. I was in a hurry and didn’t add anything else, but this was perfect!

Where are the macro-nutrients in this meal? Protein: Chicken Breast; Fat: Avocado Mayo from Primal Kitchen; Carbohydrate: Greens and Tomato, and I had 1/2 a Kombucha, too.


It never hurts to repeat meals, in fact you can have the SAME meal more than once during the day if you like. I like that concept. For example if I eat out and have a delicious meal, generally the portions are too large for just one sitting. I eat part of the meal at one sitting, and then finish the second portion at my next meal, or for breakfast the next morning! I had another piece of my Yellow Squash Frittata for dinner.


Some days I’m thinking … hmmm … is this getting boring? Others I’m noticing how good I feel and how satisfying each of these meals are! Generally by this time in a plan, many folks start getting into a food routine and start eating some of the same things over and over—like me and my eggs and sausage for breakfast. That’s Okay, so long as you are not getting bored and it’s working for you. However, I’m going to encourage diversity, and try to show you some different options and easy, simple recipes going forward. Foods are seasonal, and diversity will help keep you from getting bored.


Kay Rice, M.Ed. Wellness & Lifestyle Coach, Vedic Educator, Consultant, Author & Free Spirited Adventurer

May Cause Miracles

May Cause Miracles

Coffee With Kay

A great start to a great day! I began reading one of the books I picked up over the weekend: May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein. The book has come to my attention twice in the past week, so I figured that was a “clue”—and also a simple way to add something positive to my morning routine! I’m pretty sure that I met Gabrielle at an event I attended in Orlando, Florida back in 2009 when she was launching her first book—it was just about to come out at that time and she was radiating positive energy. She outlines 40 days of little positive shifts we can make to improve out lives. The assignment for today, Day 1, is to be aware of where “fear” comes up throughout our day. Fear holds us back. She suggests noticing fear and to be willing to replace fear with love. Later in the day I was on a call with someone who is helping me with my business strategies, and he challenged (and frustrated) me. He asked me to step back and look at things, suggesting I may be headed in the wrong direction and need a “bigger and more clear vision of what I want to create and what my website/s should do. For the rest of the day I pondered this, and noticed where fear was coming up and might be keeping me from my highest potential. Could it be I’ve been playing small for a long-long time and, really, I don’t have to, and it doesn’t serve anyone? Food for thought.


To start the day I tried out my new recipe for Sausage Patties along with a scrambled egg with two additional egg whites. I decided to use an apple I had on hand, diced it and added dried cranberries, the juice from 1/4 an orange and fried them in the skillet, adding cinnamon to taste. I had of the apple mix to save a second serving for tomorrow.

Where are the macros in this meal? Protein: Pork sausage & Egg Whites; Fat: Sausage & Egg Yolk; Carbohydrate: Apple, cranberries & orange juice.


Lunch came quick! I’m still missing my meal prep day and didn’t have a lot to choose from. I looked in my refrigerator to see what was quick and on hand in a hurry. I pulled out two Applegate Organic Hot Dogs, which I heated in a skillet of water. Then I added Sauerkraut, cooked green beans & potatoes, and the remainder of an heirloom tomato that I’d cut yesterday. The weather is gorgeous here, so I enjoyed it out on the porch.

Where are the macro nutrients in this meal? Protein: Hot Dogs; Fat: Hot Dogs; Carbohydrate: green beans, potatoes, tomato and sauerkraut.


I had some summer squash in the refrigerator that I wanted to use. I like to make squash casserole with them, but my usual recipe calls for some soda crackers (grains) and cheese—which are not on my plan right now. I decided I could use a variation of my frittata recipe and it would work. I used the ribbon cut on my spiralizer and diced half an onion. I then melted about 1 Tablespoonful of ghee in a skillet and added the squash, onion & about a cup of frozen diced potatoes I had left over from another recipe. I sauteed them all together until the onions were translucent and the liquid had cooked out of the squash. Meanwhile, in a mixing bowl I beat 4 whole eggs and 12 egg whites together. When the squash mix was done, I added it to the eggs, mixing well and added some salt and pepper. I transferred the mix to a ceramic pie plate, sprinkled it with smoked paprika and cooked it in my toaster oven for about 40 minutes (until a knife inserted in the middle comes out clean). This is a complete meal. I ate one portion for dinner and wrapped the remaining three in plastic wrap for later.

Where are the macros? Protein: Egg Whites; Fat: Egg Yolks & ghee; Carbohydrates: Squash, onions and potatoes.

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