Are You Giving Away Your Energy?

Are You Giving Away Your Energy?

Stay Connected 

You Can Build Your Dream,

Or Someone Will Hire You

To Help Build Theirs.


-Somebody Smart-

Are you giving away your energy in a way that is unproductive or unhealthy?

How many of you can relate?

Just a few years ago someone told me, “If you’d spend just one tenth of the time and energy you spend on other people on your own life, you would be a millionaire.” I’m ready to test that theory.

At times, a wonderful distraction from ourselves and our own life and problems can be to become very involved in someone else’s projects, dilemmas and helping with their problems. I know I’ve been guilty, and it has been a repeating pattern in my life.  There are times this can be a good thing, and other times it isn’t healthy to ignore ourselves, our own lives, and possibly use the energy you should be using on your own life to “fix” a problem elsewhere.

I’m curious who else can relate to this, and what lessons have you learned?

I look forward to your comments.

Have a great day!



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