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Day 9: Over my morning brew my thoughts turned to “Consistency”. I have been reminded that it isn’t all that hard to do this program, one-meal-at-a-time, in fact it is pretty easy. I am never feeling like I am “starving” and I’m always satisfied when I finish a meal of the right proportions with the right macro-nutrients (Protein, Carbohydrates, Fat). What matters the most, and gets the OPTIMAL results over the long haul is consistently doing the program. I noticed this 10 years ago when I began eating and exercising correctly, with a coach and a trainer. They didn’t really push me beyond what I thought I could do. Instead, they challenged me with consistently working where I was, and encouraging me to “stay the course” through good times, plateaus & challenges. I’ve noticed the power of consistency in other areas as well. For example, I’ve been watching other authors, teachers and marketers and noticing what the successful ones do. Consistency is an important success strategy. Long term success isn’t just a sprint, it’s a marathon and it isn’t just a straight line. It means showing up and being consistent through obstacles, unexpected events (like my knee injury), and showing up to be your best one day, one meal and one exercise at a time (even when your ‘best’ varies from day to day). It all adds up—just like compounding interest in finance over time yields some pretty astounding results, so will your health habits, whether they are good habits or bad habits. Which reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from “A Course In Miracles”: “Every decision I make is a choice between a grievance and a miracle—I choose the miracle.”


I decided to pull out a serving of the Veggie Frittata I made last week for my breakfast. I covered it with TJ’s Chunky Salsa and it was a complete meal. Remember where the macros come from in this meal? Each serving packs 1 whole egg, 3 additional egg whites, a tone of veggies including spinach, shredded potato, onions & bell peppers, and that’s an additional slice of fresh tomato on top. Here is where the macro’s are: Protein: Egg Whites, Fat: Egg Yolk and a little bit of ghee that I sauteed the potatoes in; Carbohydrate: Potatoes & other veggies. I make the recipe in a ceramic pie plate and 1/4 the pie is equal to one serving for me.



I decided it was time to break out and try Trader Joe’s Beef Sirloin Roast for lunch. I really wasn’t sure what to expect until I opened the box. Inside I found a plastic pouch with tender, delicious and fully cooked and sliced (or was it just so tender that it flaked apart) sirloin roast packed in its own juice. The box had enough for 4 portions (for me) so I used one and then individually bagged the remaining three and stored them in the refrigerator for later. I still have some extra frozen vegetables in the freezer left over from earlier in the year. Right now I’m able to eat mostly fresh. However I grabbed some broccoli and used this meal as an opportunity to create a little more space in the freezer. Paired with some left-over boiled white potato and a couple of thick slices of fresh tomato, this was a meal! It took me about 6 minutes to prepare, and that was only because I had to cook the broccoli. Where are the macros in this meal? Protein: Sirloin Roast; Fat: Sirloin Roast; Carbohydrate: Potato, Broccoli, tomato. Tip: Most all red protein/meat (including salmon, which is a fish) contain both protein and fat. I always choose my protein at a meal first and then build the rest of the meal around that.


When I made lunch today, I’d already decided on my sides. However, when I looked at that roast I thought how good it would be in a salad. I was thinking “Black & Blue” salad with blue cheese—but dairy isn’t on my plate this month. Still, I wanted that salad for dinner! So here’s how I put it together. I grabbed a

large handful of organic mixed greens, put some of the cucumber, onion, grape tomato salad in apple cider vinegar with it (yep, it is still good, even though it is left over from last week!), poured a little extra vinegar in and then added some of the Chipotle Lime Mayo that I love and mixed it well to cover all the greens. Then I dumped the mix into my bowl, topped it with a serving of the sirloin roast (which I’d warmed) and the remainder of that tomato that I’d sliced for my lunch plate. This meal was delicious and filling! Where are the macros in this meal? Protein: Sirloin Roast; Fat: Sirloin Roast and Mayo; Carbohydrates: Greens, veggies, tomato & I had a half Kombucha with it as well.


Water & Other Beverages:

Frequently I have people tell me they are having difficulty drinking enough water during the day. Here are a couple of ideas that may make your water more appealing. Every morning I pour 3 quart mason jars full of water. When those are empty, I know I’ve met my goal for the day. Sometimes I infuse a jar of water with flavors. How? One of my favorites is to add a slice of orange and a slice of lemon. Another favorite is a couple of slices of cucumber and some fresh mint. A slice of watermelon works, and you can add mint to that as well. How about blueberries and a couple of strawberries—or apple and mint? The possibilities are limitless. Sometimes I’ll add a drop or two of essential oil, such as lemon or grapefruit essential oil. (I always use YoungLiving Essential Oils, because I know their quality is the best and those oils are food grade). Note: Not ALL oils should be consumed orally, so stick to the ones you know—like lemon & grapefruit—until you do a little research. Herbal teas are also good. In the photo to with this post, I made a cup of tea with Yogi Perfect Energy Tea and Celestial Seasonings Black Cherry Tea (yes, a bag of each); after the tea had steeped I added ice cubes and a slice each of lemon and lime. LaCroix Naturally flavored soda water counts, as does other soda water (so long as it is Naturally flavored), too. I’m enjoying 1/2 bottle of kombucha on occasion. Remember to read your labels. The brand I drink has no added sweeteners, but some varieties have a little bit of fruit juice.

Evening Meal

This is becoming a ritual. 😉  I love these all-natural, No B.S. Rx Bars. I had a blueberry RX Bar and a warm cup of hot beef bone broth to settle in for the night. It seems like I’m always ready to wind down by this time, which with my current schedule, makes my last meal of the day a couple of hours before I head to bed. I’m never really wanting anything very heavy. It feels like a decadent and delicious treat for a job well done during the day. How was my bone broth? I added a little ground thyme and Cajun seasoning (with cayenne) to it and it felt nourishing. Remember, bone broth has great nutritional and health benefits, and is just perfect for my healing joints!


I hope my posts are helping you prepare for your own personal 90 Day Challenge, and these meal ideas and tips are helpful. It’s hard to believe I’m already 10 days into the program! This afternoon I have an appointment with someone to help me set up the resources so that I can make this program available to everyone. I hope you’ll join. If you want to be sure you don’t miss it, please fill out the form below.



Kay Rice, M.Ed. Wellness & Lifestyle Coach, Vedic Educator, Consultant, Author & Free Spirited Adventurer

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