Dream Big Dreams

Have you done your “Create Your Dream Life” exercise? I did mine, and as agreed in my Mastermind Group of coaches, I shared it with them. Guess what feedback I got? 

I got feedback from a fellow coach, and then I got another nudge from within, that I had NOT set my intentions and goals high enough. Everything sounded pretty ordinary, and I was encouraged that if I set my sights a little higher I could achieve something even better, something EXTRAORDINARY, and that I would have more passion and excitement about it. Passion and excitement create more ENERGY, and more movement which increases the odds of creating a positive outcome or result. 

It’s amazing the results you can get when you put an intention out into the universe and it sets unseen forces into motion. I have heard the regret of quite a few folks who said, having achieved their dreams, that they now realize they should have set their intentions even higher … 

So I noted that, and I’m going to share this challenge with you as well. If you didn’t already, you can download your “Create Your Dream Life” exercise below. If you want to create an even bigger and even better BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal), then click on the button below and download your “Dream Big Dreams” worksheet. Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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