How to Develop a Positive Mental Attitude

According to Napoleon Hill, building a Positive Mental Attitude is the single most important principle in the science of success. A positive mental attitude is built by choice and not by chance. If you put your mind to work with a positive mental attitude, your mind will guide you toward whatever your definition of success might be.

Happiness is something we all strive for. Nobody wants to be miserable. Yet, we often get in our own way when it comes to being happy and choosing to have a mental attitude.

Did you know there is a difference between feeling happy and being truly happy? It’s true. There are things that can make you feel happy, temporarily, like a glass of wine, retail therapy and so forth. True and lasting happiness must come from within, without those temporary instant gratification items.


So when would NOW be a good time for YOU to be Happy?

Do you know that Happiness is a Choice?

We all have a choice. We can choose happiness and a positive mental attitude. We have the power to direct our mind and to chose our thoughts and what we will focus on. Our mind is just like a muscle, if we exercise it then it will grow stronger and if you do not direct your thoughts and your mind it will wither and your life will become subject to every passing influence, unable to resist or stay positive. Fix your mind on the objects you desire and chose happiness and a positive mental attitude.

The Rewards of Choosing to be Happy: A Positive Mental Attitude:

If you chose to be happy and take control of your thoughts and direct them toward worthwhile goals you will enjoy the following:

  • A healthy life. Happiness plays a major role in your health, both physical and mental. Many studies support that happiness plays a major role in your health, whether it’s living a healthy lifestyle or reducing the amount of chronic pain.
  • Success Consciousness, which attracts only the circumstances which make for success. There is an old saying that says, “Success attracts success while failure attracts more failure.”
  • An increase in longevity and a well-balanced life. It is reported that happy people tend to live 14 percent longer.
  • Less Stress. If you chose to be happy and have a PMA you have a lot less to keep you up at night, and will have less to worry about. Happy people report less stress even when they are facing a stressful situation.
  • Financial Independence. Happy people who chose a positive mental attitude are more successful and therefore experience greater financial independence.
  • Immunity from Self Limiting Beliefs
  • Faith instead of fear

The Cost of NOT choosing Happiness: A Negative Mental Attitude

If you do not direct your mind you allow it to be subject to negative thoughts and influences and are likely to experience the following consequences:

  • Poverty and working from paycheck to paycheck
  • Poor health with physical and mental aliments
  • Mediocrity and self limiting beliefs
  • Fear based thinking and the consequences of living in fear
  • More stress and worry
  • Being a victim of every negative circumstance you encounter
  • A wasted life of regrets and unhappiness.

If you are not feeling true happiness. If you’re relying on someone else to make you happy, you need to grab this free report and journal. You will learn:

  • How we make our lives hard by not choosing happiness
  • Techniques for being more positive
  • How to take responsibility for your own happiness
  • How to stop relying on others to make you happy
  • How to love without attachment
  • … and MORE!


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