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Day 12: I’m all set to go to Yogaville tomorrow. I spoke with reservations and decided on an one day over-night stay this time to get to know the place, and then I can decide which programs I might like to participate in for a longer stay. I knew upon signing up that all of their meals are not just vegetarian, but vegan. Not even an egg. I’m not certain how easily I’ll be able to identify all ingredients, but hopefully I can avoid all grains and legumes, and then dairy and sweeteners should be fairly simple. I am not sure what the options might be, but I was thinking I could take a cooler with me with my own protein options and it would be easy enough to put together a meal that would keep me on my 90 Day program. I have been thinking what an opportunity for me to use my Emergency Food Stash . I was planning on what to take and how easy it would be to travel and still do this program. Then I read my confirmation email from Yogaville. “Please Honor Our Policy and Do Not Bring Any of the Following Items to Yogaville: Alcohol, Eggs, Fish, Meat of any kind.” So now I’m thinking that I am very glad I’m only staying for one night and wondering if I’ll be able to find foods on a Vegan Buffet that are grain free, legume free, dairy free, sweetener free. Maybe I’ll just have to be a breatharian while I’m there—those folks survive just on the prana from air. 😉 At least they do sell coffee there in the Mandala Cafe, and I can take my own coffee creamer.


You may be tired of seeing my daily breakfast, which has been the same for several days. However, I’m really not tired of it. This cantaloupe was so delicious that if I had more I would keep eating it! The Spicy Italian Sausage and eggs I think I could eat every day for a month. Actually, I find most people do settle in with a “favorite” two or three meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is sure to be one of mine!

Micro-Nutrients: Protein: Egg Whites & Chicken; Fats: Egg Yolk & Chicken Sausage; Carbohydrate: Cantaloupe.


This was a fantastic chicken salad lunch. Remember those mason jars of chicken & mayo I fixed earlier in the week? I added some dried cranberries & chopped fresh tarragon to one of those, served over a bed of mixed greens with some tomato & avocado. Delicious & filling! There’s another one of my favorite mason jars on the side with 28 ounces of spring water infused with a slice of orange and a slice of lemon. Lunch on the porch on a beautiful day! Yay!

Macro-Nutriends: Protein: Chicken; Fats: Avocado Mayo & Avocado Slices; Carbohydrates: Salad Greens, Tomato, Dried Cranberries.


I went a little crazy at the end of today, knowing I wouldn’t be taking items from my EFS, so I took it upon myself to do a sampling of Pili Nuts, Coconut Jerkey, and a Chomps Stick. All good, but really not my best choice … and then of course I had an RxBar before I went to bed for my last meal of the day. More about my EFS later … but Pili Nuts are REALLY good, and very rich! They almost feel and taste like they should melt in your mouth.



So tomorrow, I’m off to Yogaville! As always, I welcome your questions and comments—please leave them below.


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