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Day 15 & Two Week Check In: I’m beginning my third week on the 90 Day Challenge and I’m so happy to report I’m having good results—down 6 pounds, my rings are getting loose Considering my knee injury which prevented me from doing much exercise at all the first week, very limited exercise last week, and I’m still being very careful with it. In addition, going to Yogaville was a challenge. I was almost 100 percent compliant in avoiding grains, legumes, sweeteners, etc. … but not entirely. Anytime I travel, I consider it a “win” if I am just able to maintain. So far, I’m feeling better. My rings are fitting looser, and the scales are affirming that I’m down 6 pounds already. I’m happy and I’m feeling really good about taking care of myself and the way I’m eating now. Self care takes only a little bit more effort and the benefits are so worth it!

Since I wasn’t home most of the weekend, I didn’t have a prep day and my pantry and refrigerator are pretty bare of pre-prepared meals that I can just reach in and grab in a hurry. Today I’ll do some meal prep and take care of that.


I know my breakfast looks a little bland here, but it was filling, and I’m back to having my micro-nutrients at each meal. I had some boiled eggs still in the refrigerator and decided it was time to use some of them. Right now I’m wishing I’d gotten more cantaloupe because my only readily available carbohydrate, unless I wanted to cook something, was an apple and some raisins. That worked!

Where are the Macro Nutrients in this meal? Protein: Egg Whites; Fat: 2 Egg Yolks; Carbohydrate: Apple & Raisins

Meal Prep

Okay, for you who say you don’t like cooking—this isn’t really cooking. It’s way too easy. I purchased a whole chicken at Saturday’s Farmer’s Market, and I popped it in the oven after coating it with Ghee, salt & pepper. I covered a cooking sheet with aluminum foil and spread sweet potatoes on it and put it in the oven along with the chicken. Meanwhile I went and took a shower, unpacked and got ready to head to the library. 70 minutes later, everything was done. All I had to do was take the chicken and potatoes out of the oven and let them cool. After the chicken cooled I removed the meat to use in several recipes, then dumped the carcass and drippings into a crockpot, adding every vegetable I could find in my kitchen: the rest of last weeks celery, some onion, garlic, okra that I’d brought back from Yogaville, diced potato, tomatoes and various spices to taste.


Lunch was easy—I grabbed one of the leg quarters from the chicken I’d roasted, some of the whipped sweet potatoes I’d cooked and added some broccoli.

Where are the macro nutrients in this meal? Protein: Chicken; Fat: There is fat in the dark meat of the chicken as well as the skin, which I left on; Carbohydrate: Sweet Potato & Broccoli





Dinner was field greens topped with one of those heirloom tomatoes I brought home from Yogaville, a crumbled buffalo burger, avocado and bacon bits (from the bacon I purchased from Barefoot Provisions – Sugar Free!).

Where are the macro nutrients in this meal? Protein: Buffalo Burger; Fat: The Buffalo Burger had lots of fat, also I made sure I drained and patted it with a paper towel, and the avocado has healthy fat, too—and the bacon (this meal was a little “fat” heavy; Carbohydrate: A big ol’ heirloom tomato & field greens.

So starts the beginning of Week #3—already! I do know that my progress may stall if I don’t start getting more consistent exercise, so that should be my goal for this week.



Kay Rice, M.Ed. Wellness & Lifestyle Coach, Vedic Educator, Consultant, Author & Free Spirited Adventurer


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