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Have you ever felt like there is something more to life? Have you wondered why some people experience extraordinary success, health, happiness & wealth while most people are just getting by, experiencing a mediocre life or even very unhappy with their current situation? I know I have felt that way before and I wondered why only a small percentage of people seem to be able to attain optimal health, wealth, success and happiness. I made it my mission to find out why some people seem to be so successful while most people fail to attain their goals. I started studying what the most successful people do, how they think and how they live their lives. I have been on this mission for decades and it has been a journey of personal and spiritual growth and development. I have had opportunities, experiences and met people along the way that I would never imagined would have been possible …


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The Doshas—Mind-Body Typing

Ayurveda has a unique way of typing our mind-body constitution or Dosha types. The doshas are made up of THE FIVE GREAT ELEMENTS. The five great elements organize themselves into the three principles, or doshas, of movement, metabolism and protection. In sanskrit...

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The Five Great Elements

The five great elements of space, air, fire, water & earth organize themselves into three essential principles: Movement, Metabolism & Structure. These principles are known as the doshas in Ayurveda.  The Sandskrit names for the three doshas are Vata, Pitta...

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Case Study Program

90-Day Turn-Around Case Study GOAL: To achieve Optimal Wellness & Implement Strategies to support Self-Care and Optimal Wellness for the rest of your life! Many of you have told me that you would like to lose weight &/or maintain a healthy weight, I have...

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How to Stop Negative Thoughts

Be careful what you think about, because ... What you think about will come about!Mark Victor Hanson, Chicken Soup for the Soul As I have prepared to return to active coaching, I sought the advice of a business coach. I also got some additional & intense coach...

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Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric root is a spice that has been used since ancient times in India for both its culinary and medicinal qualities. It originates from the Curcuma plant. In the West, we most likely know it for its spiciness and use in dishes such as curry & curry powder....

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