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Master Your Mindset

Make a Decision and Know Your "Whys" Regardless of whether you are trying to lose 10 pounds, 100 pounds, become a fitness model, build wealth, or achieve any other worthy goal you need to start by making a defining decision to achieve your goal. Make your decision,...

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Diet Myths and Mistakes

Calories in and calories out!  We’ve been told that all we need to do in order to reach our weight loss goals is to create a calorie deficit.  That sounds so simple, but obviously there is more to it or most of us would already have permanently achieved our weight...

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Trader Joe’s Shopping

I love Trader Joe's! The nearest one is an hour away so when I go I stock up! A picture is worth 1,000 words, so I headed over to take some photos of some of the foods that I stock up on. Everything listed below is grain, legume, dairy, sugar & artificial additive...

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Meal Ideas Day 19

Coffee with Kay Breakfast Ideas Here we go ... my sugar free sausage recipe along with some scrambled eggs & some unsweetened organic applesauce on the side! Easy peasy! Macro-Nutrients: Protein: Egg Whites & Sausage; Fat: Sausage & Egg Yolk; Carbohydrate:...

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Steamed Clams!

Coffee With Kay Day 18: This was a day spent at the library so I could have better internet access for conference calls and other on-line work. I'm having some frustrations with my website and the current theme I'm running and it has prevented me from sharing my 90...

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