90-Day Turn-Around

90-Day Turn-Around

What if … 90 Days from now Your Whole Life Could be Different?

What if that is true? What if, today, you decided there is some area of your life where you are ready to make a change. What if, in 90-Days, you could make a shift so your life is completely different? I’m here to tell you, you can accomplish quite a lot in 90-Days. Not only that, if you know the right steps to take, and the right order, you can accomplish big things without having to do anything crazy — like run 12 miles in a day — or starve yourself to death. What if, in 90-Days you could turn your health around and achieve optimal health for you, achieve a greater level of happiness, lose that weight you’ve wanted to lose, be more fit, more focused, less stressed and most of all a happier, more fulfilled & healthier human being. What would that look like for you?

Do you ever get “nudges”?

Do you ever get what I call “nudges” or “taps”? I do. Sometimes it is a matter of something coming to me by words I may hear in my head, other times it is some event or idea that keeps coming up. For example, if I hear of an interesting book three times within a few days, I generally go check that book out and it may be something I should read. Or if a place keeps popping up, perhaps I should go visit.

I’ve been getting some “nudges” to create a program that combines the ancient wisdom teachings of Ayurveda with a what I learned as a Nutrition & Wellness Coach, along with some simple daily practices that can drastically improve your life. These daily practices are used by highly successful people. Some of the practices are used by individuals in various spiritual traditions. This program will address Mind-Body & Spirit.

Case Study Group

Right now, I’m preparing this program and will implement a “Case Study” Group by the end of July. I only have FIVE spots open in the group, so if you are please let me know. You can message me on Facebook (the Case Study Group will have a Secret Page there), or send me an email by filling out the contact form. There will be a greatly discounted price for the Case Study Program. I’m doing this for two reasons. First, it is a case study, so I may make some adjustments along the way based on feedback and results. Second, the reason I’m doing the case study is to get testimonials for when I launch the full program. Last, I’m only allowing FIVE people in the Case Study Program because I want to give you VERY individualized attention to ensure your results and success. Please don’t sign up unless you are willing to commit to the program and want real results.

Here’s what you will learn:

Phase 1: Reflect – Weeks 1-4

Reflect, Realize & Reset: Evaluate where you are right now and what optimal health means to you. We will understand and take responsibility for our choices, feelings, thoughts and behaviors. Then we will do some activities and exercises to improve Self-Awareness, Self-Realization, and Self-Understanding. Weeks 1 & 2 will cover mindset & preparation.

  • Mindset: Evaluate where you are today, where you would like to be, and create a plan to get there.
  • Prepare to implement the plan
  • Find out what your Mind-Body Type is and how that affects you in Mind-Body & Spirit.
  • Learn to Meditate
  • Exercise in a way that enhances health for you
  • Daily Practices: Meditation, Journal Writing, Gratitude
  • Nutrition Plan will incorporate Ayurvedic principles to reduce inflammation, detoxify & re-ignite your digestive fire.

Phase 2: Illuminate – Weeks 5-8

Illuminate, Initiate, Ignite: During this phase we will implement our plan. It will be a time to inquire, identify, imagine, inspire and internally integrate values, principles and standards with what matters in life.

  • Use your Journal to record daily practices, nutrition & exercise
  • Create a personalized nutrition and exercise plan that works for you and your goals.
  • You will continue to get support and learn new things to help you toward your goals …

Phase 3: Create – Weeks 9-12

During this phase we will clarify and create a new plan, with new habits that support you and can be sustained for a lifetime. These will be new lifestyle habits that you will want to continue.

Phase 4: Elevate & Evaluate – Week 12

In this final phase we will evaluate your progress and improvement. You will elevate to the next level in optimal health, happiness & self-actualization.

My Story

My Story

I was recently asked to share my story around weightloss and fitness. Clarification: If weightloss is your goal, you actually want to lose FAT—not just WEIGHT. Many “chronic dieters” lose both fat and muscle, which in the long term undermines their results by slowing metabolism—the mechanics of which I will explain in another post.

Okay—here’s my story. The “Before & After” photos attached here were me “before” a couple of years before 50 and then me “after” at 51. The featured photo for this post was also taken around the time of my “After” photo.




“Before” … late 40’s – “After … at 51

I struggled with being a little overweight in high school and college. I was always working out and trying to lose weight, and at that time I was generally just a little too hard on myself. I began to believe I had a weight problem. Actually, I was pretty fit and lean most of the time. There were times that I tended to be too heavy though … and not knowing any better I tried starving myself and working out hard to lose weight (a recipe for failure and not the way to achieve long term results and success). Still, I’ve always had to be careful about what and how I eat because I gain weight easily and find it difficult to lose it.

I had three children in my 30s … the first one at 33, another at 35, and I squeezed the last one in at 39.5. I gained a LOT of weight with my first pregnancy … and never lost it all … and finally after my third child was born, I gained so much that I topped out at 175 pounds … THAT was my top pregnancy weight. I was miserable, unhappy, felt a prisoner in my own body and hardly recognized the matronly woman who stared back at me when I looked in the mirror by my mid 40s. I tried various weight loss programs with moderate success … I was under a lot of pressure at home and had little time for myself. Meanwhile I was mentally ‘beating myself up” because I told myself “you have a degree in exercise physiology … you should be able to do this. I was making pretty healthy food choices but not eating correctly. I’d try to starve myself all day … had no time for exercise … then eat most of my calories in the evening and sometimes not the right kind.

It was Yoga that got me back in touch with myself. Through the practice of Yoga, I reconnected with my creativity and spirituality. As my Yoga practice became more and more important to my wellbeing, I was more inclined to continue to make other healthier choices.

In Yoga & the Quest for the True Self, the author Stephen Cope says,

“No matter why you come to the (Yoga) mat, if you continue your practice, eventually your mat will become an altar.”

Yoga has many unexpected gifts … if you are open to them.

I joined a gym … one where former professional athletes, trainers and members were very fit and getting great results (I became a Yoga Instructor and I TAUGHT Yoga in other facilities, but I avoided working out with people who had been “trying” to get results for years … and were the same or even a few pounds heavier). I hired a Nutrition Coach (best investment of my LIFE), then I worked out with a trainer … a really great trainer. I got my body fat down below 20% and was in the best shape of my life at 51!

As a result, I became a certified/Licensed Corporate Wellness Coach and did quite a lot of coaching at Corporate Events. I taught Yoga regularly, and I also was asked to coach Nutrition using the same program that I had used to successfully lose weight and become strong and lean. (Yes, we want to lose BODY FAT … not just weight).

Then life circumstances changed again. Little by little my workouts became less intense until finally when I went to South America in 2012, I no longer had a gym membership and stopped teaching Yoga regularly. Still I remained in good shape, but my weight gradually began creeping up—especially when I came to take care of my mother for a year in 2014 and then returned in 2016 (where I live now … and she passed away in 2017).  While my mother became bed-bound, I became house-bound with her. The end result of all of this is that I am (and have been) carrying around 25 extra pounds and am at a weight that, frankly, I NEVER expected I would see again. I had a foot surgery last year (which was a good thing) and during my recovery it kept me from exercising, and the orthopedic boot really fired up a hip issue, which resulted in a recent total hip replacement.  With all of that, I KNOW I can heal, regain the strength I have lost and lose this weight. I still have lots of hiking I want to do, travel, and I want to be a healthy mother of (my now adult) children and grandmother. I will do this!




My Current “Before” Photo … before my 90 Day Turn-Around

I am 63 years old now … I’ve learned that you can be healthy and fit at any age, and that if you don’t USE it, you will lose it. I am so grateful that my healthy choices carried me through several rough years where I wasn’t taking the best care of myself. I am actually SHOCKED that I gained this weight as I thought I had achieved mastery over my health and fitness.

As for many people, circumstances change and life challenges can throw us off track. I have a choice now, to reconcile myself to the excess pounds and the hip inflammation as a “natural part of the aging process” (which would be a story and self-fulfilling prophecy if I choose to believe it) OR I can create an action plan, focus on some serious self-care and make my HEALTH a priority as I work my way back to Optimal Health & Wellness through optimal lifestyle choices. I choose the second option.

It took a while after my mother’s passing for me to regroup and heal … and rest. Now it is time to turn my attention BACK to coaching and teaching, and as part of that, to make myself and MY health a priority. I plan on being a good example, so in creating my new program, the 90-Day Turn-Around, What if in 90 Days Your Whole Life Can be Different? I am my first client and the example for this program … in a few short weeks I’ll be putting together a small “Case-Study” Group and looking for 5-7 participants for that. I’m incorporating self-care practices, such as mindset, meditation, journaling, nutrition and exercise … If you are interested, please message me, or just follow me along in my journey.

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