Strong Women Have Faced Challenges

Strong Women Have Faced Challenges

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“Women are like tea bags. You never know how strong they are until they are in hot water.”


-Eleanor Roosevelt-

Strong Women are not simply born. They are made by the storms they walk through.

How many of you can relate?

You may have heard the sayings that life isn’t happening TO you, but it is happening FOR you. Actually, this daily inspirational quote applies to both men and women. We all face challenges in life. It isn’t that we have challenges, it is how we face them that molds us. We have the choice for these challenges, or the obstacles in life, to make us either bitter or better.

I’ve always done my best to choose “better” and to treat my challenges as my teachers as a student of life. We can choose to be empowered by every experience we have in life. 

I’ve weathered some significantly challenging and intense storms in the last decade or so. These experiences have molded me and required me to grow and become more resourceful and resilient. I’ve had failures, heart-breaks and intense loss and grief. I’ve seen and experienced things I would have never imagined. Often it is our biggest challenges that give us the insights, wisdom and knowledge to share and help others. There is an opportunity to turn our messes into messages to help others. That’s where I am right now. I’ve weathered the storms and I survived. 

At this time, after taking quite a while to “be still”, pause, and contemplate how I might be of service to others, I have concluded the following. It my time to share what I have learned. It is time for me to be a content, wisdom and information creator—not just a consumer. 

I’m looking for ways to share the tools and the wisdom teachings that I have learned that have sustained me, given me resiliency and more — even though I haven’t done it perfectly and have had some failures along the way. 

I hope this message finds you healthy and well. 

Have a great day!



Seasonal Cleanses: 5 Biggest Myths Debunked

Seasonal Cleanses: 5 Biggest Myths Debunked

Have you ever considered doing something healthy and then along come the nay-sayers? Not to worry, here are the 5 biggest myths about doing a seasonal cleanse debunked. If you are ready to get back on track after the winter, want a diet or metabolism re-set or a jump start to eating healthier, a cleanse could be perfect for you. In addition, done right, a cleanse can help you identify any food sensitivities causing you symptomes that you had not been aware of. 

The ancient wisdom teachings of Ayurveda recommend a seaonal cleanse for everyone who wants to experience optimal health. It also suggest a cleanse should be nourishing as well as support your body in eliminating any toxins. Basically, you are giving it the healthiest foods, giving your body a break and supporting it in doing it’s job of elimination, rejuvenation and providing you with optimal health and vitality.

The Truth About Seasonal Cleanses:  The five biggest myths debunked

Thanks to much of what we hear in the media, seasonal cleanses, aka detox, have earned a reputation for being unhealthy and even unsafe, not to mention uncomfortable. When you hear the words “cleanse” or “detox,” do you immediately think of all-liquid diets, expensive supplements and short-term deprivation for short-term gains? Sounds like just another new fad, right? Well … done that way, yes maybe … but done correctly …  

The truth is, doing a seasonal cleanse doesn’t have to involve any of the above—and if you cleanse in a healthy, supportive manner, you can achieve lasting results in weight loss, energy gain and full-body health.

 The following are five myths you may have heard about seasonal cleanses (aka detoxes). Understandably, these myths may cause you to be  hesitant to try a cleanse.

Keep reading to find out the truth behind these myths and why a seasonal cleanse might be just what your body is craving.

Myth # 1: Cleansing and Detoxing is just a fad

The idea of doing a seasonal cleanse to promote optimal health and well-being has been around for thousands of years. Ayurveda, a holistic health tradition more than 5,000 years old, recommends routine cleanses for optimal health. Most often they are done at the change of the seasons with natures natural rhythms. It is a time to give your body a rest, allow it to release what it no longer needs, and receive nourishment for renewal.

Myth # 2: You won’t enjoy anything you’re eating while on a detox.

While you might have to eliminate certain foods that you enjoy, detoxing isn’t all about eating lettuce with a drizzle of olive oil. There are many delicious recipes that can be prepared using healthy ingredients that not only taste amazing, but nourish and detox your body.

The best part is, many of them don’t involve any fancy ingredients and can be prepared even by a cooking novice. In fact, my cleanse participants always discover new foods and recipes that they absolutely love that have become staples in their diets long after the detox ends.

Myth #3:  You’ll constantly be hungry while detoxing.

While you might end up consuming fewer calories while following a detox, you shouldn’t feel deprived or hungry. Going on an extremely low-calorie diet can actually disrupt your hormones and metabolism, making your body less efficient in the long run.

Everyone’s caloric needs are different, so a detox should never dictate how many calories you consume. By consuming whole foods that provide you with the right nutrients, you help detox your body while feeling satisfied.  My participants are always amazed that they never feel hungry during my detoxes.

Myth #4:  You need to do an all-liquid detox to remove toxins from your body.

Liquid-only detoxes have had more than their fair share of popularity. These types of detoxes can backfire: Not only do people often gain the weight back as soon as the detox ends, but such restrictive eating for several days can be detrimental to your health. An effective detox will include a variety of whole foods to help nourish your body and produce long-term results.

Myth #5: Detoxes are just a way for people to make money on expensive supplements.

Supplements involved in a detox should be just that, a supplementary part of the program, not the primary source of your nutrition.  While on a detox, you get most of your vitamins and minerals from whole-food sources.

Supplements may be recommended to help your body make the most of the nutrients it receives from these foods.  For example, by including probiotics in your diet, you help your body produce vitamins, absorb minerals and remove toxins from the body.

Aside from the benefits discussed above, a cleanse is an incredibly effective way to identify if you have any food sensitivities, balance your hormones, and establish healthy habits for the long term.

I’ve worked with nutrition clients who not only have lost weight and kept it off, but who have also seen their energy level skyrocket, their skin clear up and even their allergies disappear. 

Are you ready to discover the benefits of healthy seasonal cleanses for yourself?

Click here to learn more about 

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What questions or concerns do you have about participating in a seasonal cleanse?

Before you try something new, like a cleanse, it’s normal to feel hesitant.  I want to hear from you. Submit a comment below, messages me on Facebook or email me at kay@kayrice.com. I read every email that comes into my inbox and I promise to email you back personally.

Don’t Make Any New Year Resolutions … until you do this

Don’t Make Any New Year Resolutions … until you do this

Don’t Make any New Year Resolutions

Until you do this: Reflect, Release, Restore

I suggest you make this a written exercise. If it is at the beginning of a New Year or a new season, you may even want to begin a new journal with this exercise. Writing things down gives you clarity and accountability. It is a written record of your thoughts, desires, emotions and the commitments you have made to yourself and the outcomes you want to achieve.

 Use the questions for “Reflect, Release and Restore” as journal prompts. This is a fantasic year-end exercise, and it is also a great exercise to do periodically, or when you are going through a transitional time in your life.


Reflect on the past year. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What were my successes?
  • What made me the happiest?
  • What were my greatest challenges?
  • What might I have done better or where would I like to improve?
  • What things or experiences am I grateful for?


Are you ready to release the things that are holding you back or that are no longer serving you? What things do you choose not to carry forward with you into a new year? (This can be on an emotional, a physical, a material or a spiritual level).

  • What things in my life are no longer serving me? Am I truly ready to release them, and if not, why not?
  • What material things in my life do I no longer need? Could I pass them along to someone else or do they need to be thrown away?
  • Am I holding onto things in my physical body, such as weight, stress, anxiety, or unprocessed emotions or experiences that I need to release?
  • What thoughts or emotions am I having that are not serving me? Is there anyone I need to forgive? Am I ready to let go of toxic thoughts, emotions and old stories?
  • Are there any people, situations or circumstances in your life that are not serving your highest and best interests, or may even be toxic. Are you ready to release them and possibly even surrender to the wisdom of uncertainty?


Practice Self-Care. Ask yourself, “What things am I ready to commit to doing that will nourish my mind, body and spirit and help me to show up as my best self each day?

  • What things am I willing to commit to doing on a day-to-day basis to nourish my mind-body and spirit?
  • What will I commit to doing on a monthly or seasonal basis to nurture and restore myself on all levels? How will I plan for that and make it happen?
  • Do I need support? If so, can I ask for support and from whom?
Create Your Dream Life Toolkit

Create Your Dream Life Toolkit

I’ve Created the Dream Life Toolkit Just for You

You can get it right now for FREE!

Are You Ready to Create Your Dream Life?

Are you Thriving or just Surviving?

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have it all and achieve their dreams and others do not? Why most people live just a mediocre life, merely surviving and not thriving?

Did you know there is a 5% club? That only 5% of the population EVER achieve financial freedom? This means, the majority of us will never be able to comfortably retire.

Stress is at an all-time high. We have anxiety disorders, sleep disorders and our wonderful technology which was intended to make us more productive, save us time, and keep us more connected seems to have done just the opposite.

With all of our advances in health, more than two-thirds of our population is overweight. Over 30% of our children are already overweight.

Most of our diseases are related to stress or lifestyle. This is sad, and I can’t tell you how many folks I know personally who have struggled with their weight all or most of their lives and are still trying to lose the same 20 pounds, and are possibly even heavier and less healthy even after all of their efforts.

So How is YOUR life?

I assure you can create the life you want. It is everyone’s dream to live a life of abundance, and not just abundant with money. Wealth is only one of several important kinds of abundance. A successful life is not just a life of abundant financial wealth. Trust me, there are many financially wealthy people who are not happy, not healthy, don’t feel fulfilled or loved. This is tragic, but all too many of us are struggling. I know, I’ve BEEN one of those people myself!


“Success without Fulfillment is the Ultimate Failure” – Tony Robbins

This is Why I am Gifting you the “Create Your Dream Life” Toolkit for Free!

Here’s what you  will find inside your Toolkit,  and I will share a personal story with you as well

Section 1. Get Clear on Why You Are Here

We will call this your baseline. This is where you get clear where you are today, and gain some insight about why you are here, how happy you are with the different areas of your life and what areas you would like to improve.

There are 2 parts to Section 1. In Part 1, you will create your Life Wheel. Next, in Part 2, you will do a 2-minute download for each category.

Section 2. Your Dream Life

This section is where you get to write out the life you want. This is literally where you get to begin to dream the life you want into existence.

To get the most out of this process, you are going to want to get your emotions involved. Express WHY these things are important to you.

Dare to dream greatly, and to dream a dream so big that it might seem impossible to achieve. That’s Okay, it’s perfect actually.

A wonderful man, who started one of the largest churches in the North Atlanta Area, Randy Pope, used to say that unless we “Dream a dream so big that it would be impossible to achieve if God were not in it” it’s probably not a big enough dream.

God wants us to have an incredible life, and to achieve great things not only for ourselves, but for our families, our communities and our world.

Section 3. Your 90 Day Turn Around

Here’s where you get some leverage and get moving!

Some of the things you would like to accomplish may take more than a minute to manifest. That’s okay.

Some things took a long time to get the way they are today. Sometimes it even takes some effort to stop the momentum going in the wrong direction, and then get it going in the direction you want it to.

Therefore, in this section you are going to write out some 90 Day Goals for yourself in each category. Then I want you to write down WHY the outcome is important to you.

Finally commit to 3 action steps you can do right away to get going.

Remember, a walk of 1,000 miles begins with ONE step, and is achieved one step at a time.

Small consistent steps in the direction of your dreams are powerful!


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