The Ultimate Fitness Quest Revisited …

The original Ultimate Fitness Quest (UFQ) was in 2010. The UFQ was the idea of Stewart H. Welch, III. I was on his team of experts and organized the project for him and provided the nutrition program, website support and content. Stewart had a theory and he wanted to go public with it. He believed that he if he could apply the same success strategies he used to become a Self-Made Multi-Millionaire before the age of 40, to another area of his life—that of his health & fitness—he could achieve similar results. Stewart reached his personal goals of losing 20 pounds of body fat and gained 3 pounds of muscle mass during his challenge. He was so happy with the results that he invited all of the employees at his company, The Welch Group, to participate in a company wide “Ultimate Fitness Quest” the following year. Stewart recently published a book, THINK Like A Self-Made Millionaire, in which he reveals the 10 Success Strategies that he discovered in his 20’s by interviewing already financially successful Self-Made Millionaires. I like to think of Stewart as a young Napoleon Hill who wrote Think & Grow Rich. Stewart applied the strategies and achieved extraordinary success, wealth, and became rich long before he wrote Think Like A Self-Made Millionaire!

Early this year I was asked by Stewart to participate in a second “Ultimate Fitness Quest Challenge.” I was one of the team of experts, the organizer for both the Facebook Group and website for the 30-day Challenge and provided the Nutrition Program. In 30 days people saw significant results, especially those that stayed active in the private Facebook Group.

At the end of this recent 30 day challenge people had lost weight, some more than 10 pounds, but the very BEST feedback was from the participants who realized that this program is not a diet, nor was it about depriving themselves. Instead, this program taught them healthy habits that are sustainable, improved their energy levels, and they felt better. Having their clothes fit better, or be looser was just ONE of the benefits. With this program, they learned that they could take control of their weight and their health, and could reach their goals for a healthier weight, improved energy and over-all health and well-being.


Christy Criss
 late weigh in: it has been a great month learning how to eat for energy!!! I’ve been at the beach so I didn’t expect any more weight loss. It was 8.5 lbs, and I gained just a pound at the beach. I’m very excited about the inches lost -2″ bust and -2″ waist, -1/2″hips, I carry my weight high. My first 10 pounds almost gone, and on to the next 10 pounds. The best thing is now I have the tools to keep weight and energy levels under control?????


Christy Criss

Susan Wood

Final check in: 7 # lost, can zip my pants , clothes all starting to fit better! So appreciate all the support and help! It’s been a great experience. I don’t want it to end!?

Susan Wood



Have gained a few and lost a few, and hanging at 9 pound loss. I know the nutrition plan works and I plan on following it long term. I just have conflicts with getting in my exercise, eating out and traveling. However, the UFQ process is the only way to think about getting to and maintaining a healthy weight that makes sense to me for a lifetime.

Dennis McMillan

So now, what is next?

I’ve learned that 30 days is an excellent way to kick-start a program, and to learn and start implementing new healthy lifestyle habits. However, most people need longer on-going support for sustainable, long term change. It is not how FAST you get results, but that you learn how your body works and how to get it to work for you. This program is not a race to get results. It is a program to support you in making yourself and your health a priority, and put you on the path to achieving and sustaining what optimal health, wellness, and vibrant energy is for you. There are several phases to this program, which will give you the tools for lasting sustainable changes which will support your health and the best version of you!

Preparation: What is your Mindset, and do you know your “Whys”?

Before we get started, let me ask you an important question. How committed are you? Are you ready to place some focused energy and attention on making the healthiest choices for your mind and body in the next few weeks? I hope your answer is “yes”. If so, we will provide you with the platform, the program and the support to help you achieve your goals.

Second, do you know your “Whys?” This is extremely important. I would encourage you to make a list of the reasons WHY this is important to you. How will you feel? What activities will you be able to participate in? What differences or improvements will it make in your health? I encourage you to not only think of your immediate future, but how this will affect your health and the way you age in the future, say 10 or 20 years from now.

Do you remember former Mr. America, Tom Terwilliger who was also on Stewart’s UFQ team of experts? What does he have in common with Stewart? Stewart has achieved extraordinary results in the area of wealth and finance. Tom has achieved extraordinary results in the area of health & fitness. Each of them has written a book which focuses on the mindset and success strategies which are required to achieve success, and to achieve any goal you want. If you want to prepare yourself and get yourself into the right mindset, try reading one of their books!

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