Step 1: Download Your Dosha Quiz

Download Your Dosha Quiz here. 

Take the quiz and proceed to Step 2 to Understand your Results.

 Step 2: Interpret Your Results

Section One — Your Basic Nature

Section one of the quiz applies to your basic nature and the proportion of each of the three principles (or Doshas) that you have within your unique mind body constitution. This section reflects the amount of each of these principles you came into the world with. Your score in Section One reflects your basic nature. These characteristics tend to change slowly over your lifetime.

The principle that received the highest score in Section One is the most predominant force in your overall mind body make-uip. The principle that received the next highest number of checks is the secondary force in your constitution. The lowest scoring principle, while still an active force in your mind body physiology, is the least dominant in your particular constitution.

Section Two — A Question of Balance

Section Two provides a snapshot of your current mind body state.

  • The mind principle with the highest points is the one primarily governing your mind and emotions at this time.
  • The body principle with the highest points is the one primarily governing your body at this time.
  • If your mind score is different from your body score, it is recommended that your follow the dosha diet and use the appropriate dosha teas and spice blends that correspond to your highest body score.
  • Use the dosha music, massage oils and aromas that correspond to your highest mind score.

As you become familiar with the characteristics of the three principles and how they interact within your mind body constitution, you can recognize and correct existing imbalances in your physiology. Understand your unique nature provides the information needed to make conscious choices to create optimal health and well being.




Step 3: Use What You Have Learned


  1. Now you have some awareness about your unique mind body type and how the characteristics of the three principles interact within your constitution. Begin thinking about yourself as a multidimensional being. Notice when you are thinking of yourself as a constricted body, or as a constricted mind.
  2. Maintain awareness of your current mind body state and notice how often your reactions are expressing your most predominant principle. Begin to observe your living and working environments in terms of the three mind body principles.
  3. Practice meditation for 20-30 minutes each morning and evening. Record any insights or questions that arise.


Step 4: Learn More

Now that you have a basic understanding of your Dosha Type:

  1. You can learn more by reading more articles on this website about the Doshas. 
  2. Sign up for an Individual Mind-Body Session with Kay to learn more about your individual Dosha type and what you can do to enhance balance and health. 
  3. Sign up for the next session of Perfect Health, taught by Kay,  Chopra Center Vedic Educator. 


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